Yeremi Pino : Scouting Report
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The highly-rated young winger has played exceptionally well for Villarreal in his debut season and will look to continue his development this season and produce more quality performances. In the limited opportunities, he did play for Villarreal last season, he was sensational often being one of the major threats on the team. His direct style to go at defenders has allowed more space in behind the defense which he either will beat his man to that spot or make the right pass to his teammate to create a goal-scoring opportunity.


One of many strengths Pino is his dribbling skills. Of course, as wingers, they have to be great at dribbling. But what stands apart from Pino to other wingers is that he’s a playmaking winger. He creates numerous chances and the number of key passes is really high for his age. And he may not be the tallest, but his aerial duel ability is really strong as well. And the way he dribbles allows others to find space and the way he plays the short passing game allows him to use his off-the-ball movement to create space for himself.


His quick first touch allows him to create space or play quick one-twos with his teammates to get behind the defense and create chances for his teammates. It is evident that while his preferred position is the right side, he has played fairly well on the left-wing as well. The only downside is his inability to play with his weaker foot. Thus, on the left side, he becomes an inverted winger while on the right he’s a traditional winger. However, while he is a traditional winger on the right side, he struggles to get crosses in.


That’s one aspect of his game that he’ll have to improve on to become a more complete winger. But even with the sub-par crossing ability, he still possesses the ability to do through balls and beat his man with his dribbling. His discipline could also be worked on as he likes to tackle, but that results in committing fouls way too often. His work rate is great, and his defensive contribution is solid as well, but he’ll need to learn to tackle without fouling.


His game is similar to that of Jadon Sancho. A play-making winger, Sancho excels in space utilizing his dribbling ability to get by his defender and create chances for his teammates. While he isn’t the greatest with through balls, he is still able to pick out his teammates with the right pass to score. His crossing ability is also not the greatest, but he makes up for it with his vision and passing ability. Pino is very similar in where he is able to pick out his teammates for a goalscoring opportunity even though his crossing is sub-par.


To maximize Pino’s ability, the team will need to have a natural goal-scoring to be the recipient of his passes. And a full back who is able to cross well. That way, if he isn’t able to find options on the right side and the defense is forcing him to try to cross, he can pull it back to the full-back for an early cross or an overlap for the full-back to cross the ball. He will find his teammates as he has great vision, so having runners in behind the defense is another way to maximize Pino’s ability.


It’ll be interesting to see how Pino will develop with more playing time and expectations on his shoulders. But if he is able to keep on producing as he is right now and putting in consistent performances, he will become one of the better wingers for the club.



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