Xavi Simons - Scouting Report
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Xavi Simons has been well-known as one of world football’s hottest prospects for quite some time. A namesake of Barcelona legend Xavi Hernández, Simons joined the Catalan club’s youth academy back in 2010. However, the 18-year-old player remained a member of La Masia until 2019 when we made a move to France, joining Paris Saint- Germain’s youth system where the young midfielder has continued honing his craft within Les Parisiens’ youth academy. 

imons has displayed some impressive quality on the ball so far during his young career and one aspect of his on-the-ball ability which is particularly impressive is his dribbling quality and the impressive control that he possesses over the ball. 

The player stands at around 168cm (5’6”) tall and weighs roughly 58kg (128lbs). He isn’t a physically big player by any stretch of the imagination, however, he tends to be quite difficult to dispossess despite often being physically outmatched by much larger defensive opposition players. 

Physically, Simons is likely helped by his relatively low centre of gravity as he has got an impressive ability to turn on the ball and keep opposition defenders guessing with regard to his movement in possession. Additionally, Simons possesses impressive quickness and agility. All of these traits combine to help make the playmaker an asset for his side on the ball via his impressive dribbling ability. Simons’ impressive dribbling ability is clearly helpful for his side with regard to playing within tight spaces, however, the threat that he poses for opposition sides on the ball also helps his team to create space elsewhere on the pitch. As opposition players get drawn in by Simons, he creates space for his teammates elsewhere and as he goes on to beat challenges with his dribbling ability, he can then put himself and his team into a position to capitalise on this space. 

Simons is a player who can and has played in a variety of different positions on the pitch. Simons is very proactive about getting onto the ball and this has been particularly evident in some of his games with the Dutch U17 side this season, where he has operated all around the midfield on different occasions and can often be seen effectively running proceedings from the centre of the park, collecting the ball from the centre-backs and going on to continue his involvement with the move in the final third. 

As mentioned previously, Simons isn’t a physically big player, however, he knows his size and he uses is quite well with regard to protecting the ball when he receives it. Simons is an intense and fairly aggressive player at times and this aggression and determination to retain possession of the ball. 

The first thing to note about how Simons typically receives possession of the ball is that he is good at making himself aware of his surroundings on the pitch and can quite often 

be seen diligently checking his shoulder and scanning the pitch to create that picture of the game in his mind. He does so on this occasion and makes himself of aware of the fact that an opposition defender is approaching. While Simons is generally good at receiving the ball and his confidence is typically a positive aspect to his game, this element of overconfidence does rear its head every now and again, resulting in easily preventable errors. 

Lastly, with regard to his shooting, Simons tends to play his shots with a lot of power, however, this can, at times, come at the expense of precision. He can be a very effective player in front of goal and he is also a set-piece specialist, indicating that his shooting ability is quite good, however, finding a greater balance between power and precision in his shooting is an area that he can improve upon. 

It may be fair to say that Simons is still evidently a very promising midfielder who is capable of influencing the game from various different positions on the pitch. He is a technically impressive player, his playmaking ability is impressive, and his dribbling, ball control, and passing are all key aspects to his game. While he does still have some clear areas where he can potentially improve on his game, it’s clear that Simons’ potential is clearly very positive. 



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