TSA: The right tool for the complete management of your scouting data
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TSA offers you the opportunity to save time in the creation of your scouting reports by digitizing all information in a smart and easy to use tool. The Reports you will have the opportunity to create will always be updatable and available for export to PDF, giving you the opportunity to work offline and / or share your data with whoever you want.

This allows you to create a database with all your data and have the clear and direct opportunity to carry out analyzes with all the tools available in our dashboard.Data management will be simple and smart, offering you the opportunity to always be able to trace back, in every search situation, all the data you have uploaded over time to your account.

Centralized data management also for Scouting Department & Workgroups

Our software clearly and directly allows each work group (Scouting Department and more) to centralize all data from multiple collaborators under the control of the manager / s of each group, offering them the opportunity to always have under control everything that happens in the daily scouting job. It will not be necessary to share data through different tools, but every time a collaborator creates a new analysis, the group manager will receive a notification that will redirect him, in real time, to the newly created report.

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