TSA System Update: Multi Evaluation Player Profile
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TSA does not stop growing and always offering new features to all its customers.

We are pleased to announce the release of the beta version of the "Player Multi-rating" option, which will allow each user to create multiple ratings of the same player in a single profile, and not have to create a new profile from scratch to differentiate his Scouting Reports. . The result of the final Rating of the report will be the average of all the assessments made by the user.

What changes for the working groups?

In the working groups, each manager will have the opportunity to see and check the evaluations made by different scouts, thanks to the opportunity to instantly see the evaluation made by his collaborator, which will appear at the top right of the new evaluation with the name of the creator, as well as having a unique rating derived from the average of all the reports created over time.

TSA Team

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