TSA Special Transfer Market : How to offer your players with TSA?
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The transfer market has finally begun, and here at The Scouting App we have decided to update our software to offer the opportunity to all players' agents, intermediaries and market operators to be able to offer their players to clubs in the most complete way, to increase your chances of success and close a big deal in this market window.

How to do all this?

TSA has decided to centralize the opportunity to create player profiles by entering in detail any data that the user wants to show to his interlocutor, to offer him all the player's data in a single file.

How it works?

After creating a new profile, the user can use over 500 attributes to give his own evaluation on the athlete, write a complete report on his characteristics, write down any type of information he wants and much more.

What do you mean with this sentence?

TSA offers the opportunity to insert video contents within this document (matches, highlights, analysis), add profiles from the web (for example the transfermarkt page or any opensource statistics website), or include data from personal archives. (like google drive).

This process is quick and straightforward, and in just one minute the user can generate a PDF to export and share with his contacts, who will be able to consult everything in a simple and intuitive way.

Download an example: click here.

Do you want to know how this all works? Book a demo with one of our experts: click here.

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