TSA Software Update : Bio-Banding
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In youth recruitment, the practice of Bio-Banding has a fundamental relevance at every level and latitude.


In our latest update, we have decided to add the opportunity to clearly and directly evaluate each young player by means of their state of physical development according to the principles of Bio-Banding.


What is Bio-Banding? 


The "Bio-Banding" is a practice that evidence the physical development of a young athlete, and involves the evaluation of young athletes based on size and state of maturity, rather than chronological age.


Why is Bio-Banding important?


As children experience maturational events (puberty) at different ages, their physical, social, and psychological differences are likely to be extremely varied, even amongst children with the same chronological age. In addition, the timing of maturation has important implications for training, competition, and talent identification. As a result, bio-banding could be a suitable way of addressing the issues in each of the following categories.


Talent identification


It is also important to acknowledge the tremendous effect that maturation has on the identification and selection processes in sport. For example, late-developers have shown to be 10-times less likely to be retained by elite soccer academies.


In this context, some evidence suggests that bio-banding may provide a useful solution for such a problem by decreasing the impact of the relative age effect. This would, therefore, help institutions and clubs to retain talented athletes that may otherwise ‘slip through the net’. Finally, the current selection strategies that favour athletes based on attributes that are not fully developed until adulthood (e.g. size and strength), may have negative long-term effects on the athlete’s psycho-social development, in addition to their sporting success.


The Scouting App & Bio-Banding


For this reasons, we have decided to offer the possibility of being able to indicate the development status of a young player in the drafting of a new Scouting Report. 


This option offers the opportunity to have the stage of the young player under control at that moment of his growth and consequently to be able to create in-depth and professional analyzes in the most detailed way possible. in this way, being able to know the development status of a young football player can be simpler and at the same time effective.



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