TSA School of Scouting: New Training of Scouting Networking
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With the arrival of the new football season, the internal training department of our "School of Scouting" has decided to develop a new training course unique on the market (available in English, Spanish and Italian): Training in Scouting Networking.


A course designed for all professionals in the scouting sector who want to learn how to "enter" the head of a club's decision maker (sports director, scout leader, general manager, president) and get a job opportunity in this sector. As TSA School of Scouting, we have always measured ourselves against so many people who, after obtaining the Scout license or starting to scout in the field after a theoretical scouting course, found themselves in a dead end without knowing how to actually put in practice what they have learned: they did not have the knowledge of this world, they did not understand how to talk to a representative of a club, they wasted important opportunities due to inexperience or lack of tact, they failed to make a good impression after starting networking with the sporting director or chiefscout: in few words, they behaved like any person who just wanted to get something in return without having studied the person they were facing, or worse yet, they focused on their goals without understanding what their interlocutors needed and how to use this information to their advantage.

The Scouting Networking course aims to teach you this: it explains how to introduce yourself, how to maintain relationships, how to study a club and understand where to attack the person who makes the decisions, how to get out of your negative mental loop and prepares you directly and precisely for achievement of your goals: to work in a club as a scout and make your way in this sector.


The program of the course:


- How to start from scratch

- How to study the club and understand who the decision makers are

- How to study the person in front of you

- How to create an opportunity from a simple message on WhatsApp

- How to start networking from scratch

- How to take care of your contacts

- How to talk to a professional

- What kind of topics to cover and how to prepare for a meeting

- How to be interesting and professional in the eyes of a sports director

- How to get in the good graces of a professional

- Study of the different methodologies to create contacts: the different cases and situations that can arise in the football journey


The journey to the center of yourself:

- What stops us when we have to introduce ourselves to a professional

- What are our fears

- What troubles us in this moment of your life and how to overcome it to be free in the choices of your life

- What affects your choices

- Define your career goals.


All lessons are centered on real experiences, with examples that can give you the opportunity to understand how life works in this industry.


Course format and structure:

5 lessons of 2h, 1 mid-course test, 1 final exam (14h total).

Each lesson is individual, held in one to one mode,  for a total full immersion and dedicated to your complete and direct learning with us. The schedule of lessons can be tailored to your needs.


Who is this training for:


The course is open to everyone, in any case the management reserves the right to evaluate the candidate's football career.

Contact us : info@thescoutingapp.com


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