Steven Bergwijn - Scouting Report
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Bergwijn can play across the front line, be it a false nine or a shadow striker in the centre or an inside forward on either flank, but he mainly acts as the latter on the right, cutting in and creating space for himself, as well as popping off some shots.

One thing that’s immediately clear with Steven Bergwijn is that he has an interesting intersection of dribbling ability and athleticism. In wider areas, he’s able to create separation from his opponents and even pull off multiple dribbling sequences where he flummoxes his opponents. The end result is that on a number of occasions, he can create shooting opportunities either for himself or his teammates. In terms of situations where he has the ball in the prototypical final third area, he’s good but I don’t know if he’s as good in that part of the pitch as he is from the wide areas. He’s quite clever in the sense that he can do flick on opportunities for himself, though the next action that happens afterwards is usually a turnover to the opponent. At his best, he can definitely pull off intricate dribbling past opponents. In addition to his dribbling, Bergwijn has shown the capabilities to be a good creator for teammates. He could be described as an ineffectual crosser of the ball, but it does help that in its place, he’s shown to have other ways of creating chances. Whether it be outside the foot throughball attempts or simple cut-backs. 

Firstly, he is excellent at ball retention. Despite ball retention being a strength mainly for midfielders, Bergwijn has exhibited this and is one of the best at ball retention at his age. Due to the nature of his role, he is often found further up the field when PSV win possession and initiate a counterattack. However, he is able to adapt to the situation which most players his age would be unable to do so. He would be able to shield the ball and wait for other players to arrive, before using his technical ability to dribble past a few defenders and laying it off for his teammates.

One glaring weakness of Bergwijn’s otherwise well-rounded skill set would be his aerial presence. Standing at just 178 cm does not help his cause, however, he can improve his jumping reach. His role does not need him to have an aerial presence but it would certainly be handy during set pieces as well as hold up play.


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