Sebastiano Esposito : Scouting Report
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Sebastiano Esposito currently plays for FC Basel on loan from Inter Milan. He has had numerous loan spells at a young age in order to gain valuable senior experience first with SPAL and last year with Venezia. He is the top prospect for Inter Milan, and they have high hopes for the youngster to be the future striker for their club. But right now, they want to keep developing him loaning him out instead of playing in the Primavera

where he has excelled.


Esposito is a deadly striker who possesses a knack for shooting from a distance when given space and also has great feet to dribble out of trouble in tight spaces to create space for himself to shoot. He has really good dribbling skills and is a very direct attacking defender to be deadly from outside the penalty box and inside. When he is inside the box, however, he has great instincts to position himself in the right place to

score goals that come his way. He strikes the ball really well to shoot from range and even from set-pieces to take free-kicks. For a young player like him, he’s not afraid to use his weaker left foot, if you can call it that because he has a great left foot too, and get his teammates involved in the build-up.


While he hasn’t scored many goals during his loan spells, that’s not from lack of trying. He has been unlucky on a few occasions where it didn’t bounce his way and has contributed in other ways such as the build-up and getting fouled in the penalty box. He has proven himself in the Primavera and Under-17 leagues and now has to prove himself in the senior level with FC Basel.


His style of play is similar to a young Marcus Rashford when he started making a namefor himself with Manchester United at age 17. Both players possessed the ability to strike the ball well and liked to shoot from range when given space. Their ability to strike the ball well allowed them to be great at taking free-kicks as well. The killer instinct is there

for both players, not so much now for Rashford, and had a knack for being direct and attack defenders from out wide. Esposito has better killer instinct inside the box, but both players do like to get their teammates involved during the build-up. He has better potential than Rashford but now has to prove it with FC Basel.


It’ll be interesting to see how Esposito does with FC Basel with better competition and league than Serie B and Primavera, but he has all of the qualities to be successful than his previous loan stints with Venezia and SPAL.

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