Scouting Report: Yerson Chacon
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Yerson Ronaldo Chacon is already a reality of Venezuelan football. The young 18-year-old forward is a fundamental player of Deportivo Tachira, current champion of the Venezuelan championship, and has entered the schemes of the "Vinotinto" team led by the famous José Néstor Pekerman.

Yerson made his early debut, making his first professional appearance at just 16 in 2019. However, he had to wait for the pandemic to pass before he could continue to demonstrate his level and earn a starting position in his current squad. Last season he was instrumental in winning the Liga Futve, bringing 9 goals to the team, and at the beginning of the season he is once again demonstrating his great skills.

He is a player who can adopt virtually any offensive stance. He mainly plays on the wing, both left and right (main position), but he can also take inside positions and accompany a header. In that position he is able to go down to enter midfield, or through his quick break behind defenders to achieve scoring situations with his good finishing touches.

Playing on the wing, he adopts different tendencies whether he plays left or right. Playing on the left wing, he throws the diagonal trying to combine with his teammates or trying to find shooting situations. He has a powerful punch with his right leg, which allowed him to score several goals even from middle distance. Playing on the right wing instead, he tends to stay more open, trying to catch the ball and face his pair or cross forward.

His height of 1.66 meters and his corpulence can be a limit in several aspects, such as strength and aerial and land duels. But in turn, he allows you to have good balance and agility. This, added to his fast feet and high technique of him, makes him very difficult to stop on the run and skillful driving, allowing him to reach boxing positions quickly and dangerously, being a player to be reckoned with in offensive transitions.

One aspect that draws a lot of attention is that, despite his young age, he has excellent decision making, benefiting the team most of the time with his actions. He plays an active role in pressure, jumping on his pair and overwhelming him, making it impossible for him to play the ball correctly and despite being an offensive field player, he is involved in defensive duties helping his full backs and midfield.

The young player from Tachira has a promising future. He has character, personality and qualities that have made many clubs focus on him and in the not too distant future he could become a player to be reckoned with internationally.

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