Scouting Report: Yari Verschaeren
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Yari Verschaeren born on the 12th of July of 2001, is a 20 years old attacking midfielder from Sint-Niklaas, Belgium. Verschaeren quickly cemented his place at Anderlecht in the 2019/20 Jupiler Pro League campaign with him playing a total of 22 games across all competitions that season. Now he’s an ever-present figure on the team and a future star for Belgium and all the top European clubs following him. 

He is a two-footed technically gifted player, standing at 172cm with a low center of gravity giving him impressive agility and balance. He has excellent ball control and agility, Verschaeren is a player that loves being in the center of the game, and to get on the ball. He has a good passing range with an excellent vision of the game, and always playing with his head up. Verschaeren is excellent at delivering a crisp pass and immediately getting on the move to create a return passing option. He recognizes that playing quick, intricate, passes between the lines is a better, safer way of progressing the ball than blindly trying to run past players.

Able to play as both a playmaker and a right-winger, the young Belgian likes to roam the pitch and connect with his teammates when he has the ball, Verschaeren hugs the sideline and maintains his width when his teammates are in ball possession. His willingness to hug the touchline means that the teenager is available as an out ball if Kompany’s side wants to switch the point of attack, but his positioning also helps stretch the opposition and create space to attack through the middle.

Because he is equally comfortable taking the ball inside as he is going down the outside, it’s hard for opposing full-backs to guess which way he’s going to go in possession. If the defender shows him on the inside, he’s happy to take the ball into that area. This gives him that extra yard of space. Just one touch and he’s able to take the ball away from the defender and into the area just outside the center circle. That ability to take the ball on the inside or outside, on the right foot or left foot makes him so much harder to defend against.

A full international who showed plenty of quality for Anderlecht last 2 seasons, 21-year-old Yari Verschaeren is one of the most interesting talents in European football. And with his footballing intelligence and low center of gravity, it’s not hard to see why he’s been compared to compatriot Eden Hazard. If he can develop the physical strength, explosiveness, and goal threat, then we could be witnessing the development of an international superstar.

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