Scouting Report: Warren Zaïre-Emery
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Despite being known as an active team in transfer windows, PSG is also a great developer of young talents. Nkunku, Diaby, Coman, Rabiot, Kimpbembe… are all PSG´s former top players, where we could include a new rising star, Warren Zaïre-Emery, who has become the youngest player ever to take part in a Champions League knock-out match and cub´s youngest goal scorer.

The teenager (08/03/2006) born in France, was introduced in the first team´s dynamic after his great impact in PSG´s second squad last season and his great performances in pre-season and start of the campaign. Zaïre-Emery starts principally as defensive midfielder, being able to perform in every position in the midfield, contributing in both offensive and defensive phases adopting the box-to-box midfielder role. He stands out for his great athleticism, understanding of the game and his elevated work rate.

Zaïre-Emery plays an important role for the team when he is on the pitch. Playing for PSG´s second squad, he was the man to dictate the tempo of the match. He is a constant option to give the ball to as he offers clear passing lines for the build up phase, wanting constantly to enter in contact with the ball. He possesses a good play construction, gifted with vision, high accuracy in all distance passes and great ability to dynamise the game, shifting the ball fastly from one side to another creating imbalances in the rival´s defensive system. He does not hesitate either when playing under pressure, where his great ball control, ball protection and short-range dribbling in tight spaces are key factors. What is more remarkable about his fast breakthrough is his high maturity and insane decision making for his young age.

Despite being a more defensive profile, he can make the difference when arriving to the last third. He possesses good tactical intelligence to detect spaces and arrive at the rival penalty area from the second line, creating goal scoring opportunities. Zaïre possesses good medium and long distance shooting and also ability to filter the last pass, being a threat when plays freely in attacking positions. In those advanced situations, is a key player if his team loses the ball, as he pushes his teams forward for the counterpressing, allowing his team to recover the ball in dangerous finishing positions. 

Off the ball, his game lecture is key, what added in the defensive phase to his huge physicality make him a crucial player. He is able to read rivals plays and anticipate with high pace, leading to a huge amount of interceptions for his team. Zaïre-Emery provides muscle and strength to the midfield, being reliable in duels, as he feels comfortable in contact situations and has an amazing ability to properly tackle his target. His high stamina also helps him to cover a lot of ground, being also able to perform accurately in late stands of matches. 

Warren Zaïre Emery seems to be ready for the biggest stages despite his youth. His impressive breakthrough has astonished all the football world, giving a lot to talk about and becoming a must-watch player with an incredible potential to develop.

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