Scouting Report : Vitor Roque
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Brazilian youngsters have always had an eccentric, entertaining and effective style of playing, attractive for elite clubs and joyful for all the fans. Names such as Ronaldinho, Robinho, Neymar, Vinicius, Rodrygo… are names who have appeared during the last years on stage and have performed at the highest level. Two names who are said to be the next big thing of Brazilian football are Endrick and Vitor Roqué, who have already arranged his near future in two of the biggest European rival teams.

Vitor Roque, born 28/02/2005 is one of the brightest diamonds of Brazilian football. The young attacker only needed two seasons playing in Brazilian Serie A to show the world of football the big potential he possesses. Despite having changed teams and needing to adapt to new roles and playing styles, he has kept on scoring goals, showing great personality and a complete and mature attacker profile.

Vitor Roque mainly starts as striker, but is really versatil to play in almost every attacking position. His characteristics allow him to play also as second striker, playmaker, or winger, which is his main secondary position. The Brazilian stands out for his eccentricity , bravery, physicality, effectiveness towards goal and determination. 

Vitor Roque is a really complete striker profile, as he possesses great over the average levels of technical, physical and tactical aspects for his young age. For a striker, the killer instinct and goal scoring nose are two remarkable aspects, and Vitor Roque exceeds the limit in those aspects. He possesses creative and threatening off the ball movements, loving to penetrate the rival defense provided with powerful and pacy space attacking runs, offering energetic and tireless alternatives during all the match. He is also a great penalty box player, acquiring good spots off markers to score from, despite having great ball striking ability with both feet allowing him to score from all ranges, even by mid and long distance shooting. 

But his contribution to the game is much bigger than just in the finland third. He possesses good combinative skills, being able to come between lines to support the midfield, drag defenders out of position and oxygenate the play. Not only in the build up phase, he possesses great influence in the opposite half, being a good alternative to give the ball to as he has vision and quality to filter pin-point passes to attackers. His good physicality allows him also to operate as the main reference, maintaining the possession when playing through balls to him, protecting the ball and absorbing impacts in order to turn around and project into attack. Vítor Roque is a vertical player in his movements and actions, having qualities to be the unbalancing profile of the attack. His technique is elevated, being creative in his dribbling, with a wide range of skills to beat his man either in tight or open spaces. The Brazilian possesses great explosiveness in the first letters, being unstoppable in vertical conductions with the ball in his feet, full of power and aggressiveness. All these characteristics make him a suitable element in almost every style of playing, adopting different roles based on necessities. 

Atletico Pr player is also a key element when not being in possession of the ball. Vitor Roque is an intelligent presser, being able to get goal scoring chances from being well positioned in the off the ball phase and detecting when to push defenders to commit an error. His physicality and strength intimidates , making him reliable in ground and aerial duels and winner in death balls, being rocky and feeling comfortable in contact situations, imposing himself on the pitch. He possesses a great work rate, showing compromise and commitment towards his team and mates.

Vitor Roque is a perfect transfer target thinking about immediate impact and long term High quality guarantee. The Brazilian youngster is a complete striker profile that can adapt to playing any style and rhythm . Said to be one of the biggest talents of football, now possesses a great challenge ahead to demonstrate all the football he possesses and the potential he can unlock.

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