Scouting Report : Vinicius Jr
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Born on July 12, 2000 in São Gonçal in Rio de Janeiro, Vinícius José

Paixão de Oliveira Júnior, better known as Vinícius Jr, is a young and

talented Brazilian forward already with an international reputation. Vinícius

Jr arrived at Real Madrid in 2018 with just 18 years, after only 49

appearances for the first team of Flamengo scoring 10 goals and providing

4 assists. Certainly, he didn't have mind-boggling numbers, but with his very

young age, his performances, personality on the pitch, and the way he

sparked in the Maracanã stadium of Rio de Janeiro set off the interest of the

Blancos, buying him for 45 million euros.


Vinícius Jr can play in both wings, with a preference for the left winger

position. The young Brazilian plays most of the time on the left side, where

he always manages to create great difficulties for those who are marking

him. His positioning in the wide-area gives a great purpose for the Real

Madrid attacking scheme, when the Blancos have difficulty finding space on

the right side they can quickly switch play to Vinícius Jr on the other side.

The young footballer has great skill in dribbling and speed, which can be

considered his key strengths for his game. He always manages to jump the

man with great ease, often going down from the left towards the center

giving him the possibility to create space for the shot on goal. By doing so,

not only does he manage to create space for himself to shoot but also

attracts the opposing right-back to follow him and so leaving a large space

for his teammate to make an overlapping run.


Defending against Vinícius Jr is a very difficult task, most defenders when

going on a one-on-one situation try to use their physical strength to

overtake him, but the young Brazilian even without a very strong structural

body, knows how to use his agility and pace to his favor. He is able to use

his body and physique exceptionally to get past players with ease, even

being only 176cm he can take big defenders that hit him trying to stop his

fast runs. Vinícius Jr knows how to stand in-ground, making it hard for

defenders to tackle him.


Something that the young talent can certainly improve, in fact, he has often

been told that he has to shoot more towards the goal, is the realization vein.

In fact, the first two years were not very brilliant from that point of view,

scoring only 14 times. Obviously, the first two years were also characterized

by a couple of injuries, and being such a young player he had a bit of

difficulty in being consistent at Real Madrid.


Today, however, the story is different, the Brazilian talent, in fact, has

between La Liga and the Champions League scored so far 9 goals in 16

total matches, proving that he is ready to take that further step in his young

career. Vinícius Jr is today one of the most important players for the

Merengues, bringing this year the goals that the team needed and also

giving stunning performances on the pitch. Vini, as called by the fans, has

no doubt a bright future in front of him and a chance of becoming a very

valuable player both for the Brazilian national team and for the Blancos.

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