Scouting Report: Tommaso Baldanzi
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Tommaso Baldanzi is causing a big sensation in all Italy thanks to his great contributions and performances playing for Empoli in his first ever professional campaign. The 19 years old (23/03/2003) Italian is starting to play an important role for his first team club and national team youth categories.

Baldanzi plays as an attacking midfielder, small sized profile but technically and tactically gifted. The leftie stands out for his outrageous and elegant ball dominance and associative and creative skills.

One of his main virtues is his tactical intelligence in terms of positioning. When having freedom to move and adopt inside positions, he always finds dangerous spots between lines. Receiving in those positions he possesses great ability to activate his mates, filtering the last pass. His good decision making in the last third due to his passing accuracy and vision has a lot to do in that aspect of his game.

He is brave in one-on-one situations, being his change of pass and fast change of direction (due to his low center of gravity) his best qualities in dribbling. It is usually common to see him making vertical solo runs, surpassing rivals and pushing his team forward before finding the free man in dangerous spaces. In that way, he can perfectly adapt his profile to playing direct or combinative football.

Baldanzi is an important player in the build up phase of his team, being the key man to connect the defense with attack. His first touch and technical resources allow him to succeed in under pressure situations, letting his team translate from defense to attack easily and quickly. In advanced situations, Baldanzi does not hesitate to try to score goals. He possesses good ball striking ability from mid-distance, having already scored two goals in just 6 matches played in Serie A this season. A fact that showcases this is his averaged 1.48 shoots per 90 minutes this season, being half of them on target.

Although Baldanzi has good physicality in terms of explosiveness, balance and speed, he lacks strength and corpulence. That may have a negative impact in some aspects of the game such as lower %of successful ground and aerial duels won for a midfielder profile, which depending on the environment and style of football where he performs, may be perjudicial for his complete development.

All Italy elite clubs are already keeping an eye on Baldanzi´s incredible impact and fast development in Serie A this season. Being yet far from his full potential, he is showing to be an elite profile footballer from an early age, having already gained future star status in the Italian Region.

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