Scouting Report: Samir Galmani
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Samir Galmani born on the 30 of July 2003, is a young french right-back who has been getting the attention of some important teams. The young French full-back who grew up in the Nice youth academy is playing in the Nice U19 team and is slowly managing to attract the attention of various clubs. 

The young Galmani, just 18 years old, plays fast and dynamic football, he is a footballer who likes to run with the ball and who likes to participate in the offensive phase of the action. In fact, Samir Galmani is a full-back with more offensive skills than defensive ones, without diminishing his defensive skills, but in the offensive phase thanks to his speed and quality in his right foot he manages to be very effective.

Galmani is a full-back who does not have an important physicality, on the contrary, the young Frenchman is 1.63m tall and 60kg. This obviously is an advantage for opponents who are often physically bigger and stronger than him. But even if he is a full-back who does not have great physicality and strength, he is still a young player who compensates for this lack of physicality with the desire and determination he puts on the pitch. He is always an annoying full-back to overcome thanks to the fact that he never gives up a ball, and then in the counterattack phase, he remains a very dangerous player.

Galmani, therefore, remains a right-back who has a good quality in dribbling, is fast in counterattacking maneuvers, and then very good in crosses, while in the defensive phase even if he can be overcome by an opponent physically, he succeeds always at annoying the opponent’s attackers.

Today the 18-year-old is in the crosshairs of many European clubs, especially Spanish, who really like this type of player. In fact, the interest of the Sevilla club is growing more and more

As France Football points out, Sevilla has already contacted the footballer's entourage to manage his availability. In addition to the Andalusian team, Real Sociedad has also been interested in Galmani's situation.

He is certainly a footballer to keep a particular eye on, it will be very interesting to see him play in some first-class team and maybe see him grow as a footballer.

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