Scouting Report: Reiner Jesus
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Reinier Jesus Carvalho is a 19-year-old centre attacking midfielder who is

taking his first steps in European football. After growing in the Flamengo’s

youth team, Ninho do Urubu, Reinier came to the senior team and showed

great football. After only 1 year in Flamengo’s first team, Real Madrid came

in and bought the young player for around 30 million euros in January of

2020. Today he is on a 2-year loan contract with Borussia Dortmund. Some

of his best “weapons” are his creativity, technique, ball control, dribbling,

and passing abilities. Adding to those abilities, he can execute several

actions in the game with both feet.

With the Flamengo shirt, Reinier had a more of a “hybrid” advanced

playmaker position. He is very dynamic and mobile in and around the

opposition’s area creating space for his teammates and himself. The

Brazilian is a very intelligent player and finds well the space between the

opposition’s defense and midfield. Reinier is 1,86m tall and has a well-built

body structure. In fact, Reinier takes advantage of this combining both his

physique with technique and playmaking skills. Reinier is a player who

enjoys being in the center of the attacking maneuver, with his quality of

advanced playmaker he has the ability to find the right space to give a

through ball. Reinier in the Mengão showed to have an outstanding speed

of thought which made him capable of forging decisions in splits of a

second. One of the main qualities of the young Brazilian is for sure his

creativity with passing the ball, executing passes with the outside of the

boot, or with his back-heel. Although he is not very fast, he has a decent

speed which, when combined with his excellent ball control, can turn his

progressive runs efficiently. By doing this, Reinier projects his team forward.

Additionally, his athleticism and ability to protect the ball from the opponent

make him difficult to stop.

With Flamengo’s first team Reinier has played in 2019 an overall of

16 matches where he delivered 2 assists and scored 6 goals.

The numbers are not mind-blowing, but at the time at just 17-years

old, he was giving very outstanding performances. In Brazil, Reinier’s

performance was making the fans compare him to Kaká, in fact, his quality

in applying dribbles carefully and intelligently made him always able to beat

his opponents in order to then create spaces and chances for his


Today Reinier is in his second year with the Borussia Dortmund shirt, in his

first year in Germany he struggled to find space in the squad. In the season

20/21, he appeared in 19 overall games scoring 1 goal and 1 assist.

This year in the Bundesliga he still hasn’t started a game from the beginning,

playing only a few minutes in the 5 games he was subbed on in Bundesliga.

Reinier is still a very young player who can still show all the qualities he has

shown in Brazil, the same qualities that made Real Madrid make a move on

him. The young Brazilian needs to find a club where he can get the space

and continuity he deserves, so he can get the chance to establish himself in

such football scenery.

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