Scouting Report: Ramón Terrats
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Born on 18/10/2000 Ramón Terrats is a midfielder who is actually playing on loan for Villarreal. Despite being principally transferred to be part of Villarreal's second team from Girona, Coquelin´s long term injury and his outstanding performances in every game he has played have given him the opportunity to acquire an important role in the first team dynamic.

The young Spanish is a very versatile player, who has great qualities playing both defensively and offensively, being able to perform as center back or holding midfielder when needed, but commonly starting for Villarreal as central midfielder. Terrats stands out for having a great vision, huge influence in the possession and great work rate. 

Ramón Terrats is a profile of midfielder that offers a lot of alternatives to Villarreal. Playing for a possession dominant team, he is a strong help in the build up phase. He can either be the man who comes deep next to the defense to try to disarm opponents´ pressing by vertical and progressive high accuracy passing, or adopt high between the line positions, offering progressive passing lines to receive and accelerate the play in advanced dangerous areas, as seen commonly playing alongside Parejo for Villarreal. Having always played a defensive role, it is remarkable his adaptation to adopting an offensive role for Villarreal, arriving to the penalty area from the second line and detecting and attacking spaces in the back of the defense. In that sense, his tactical intelligence and spatial awareness are important attributes of his game, scanning the pitch constantly to place himself away from rivals. 

What most impresses about his style of playing is his decision making, taking into account his short professional career. He provides sense to the play every time he enters in contact with the ball, timing the game and spotting the best alternative. He possesses unnated technique, where his ball control and passing are his biggest attributes. He possesses high accuracy passing in every range, and intercalates short and long passes during his matches. He has also shown playing in advanced areas great ability to filter the last pass, providing goal scoring actions. Being a defensive and combinative profile player, he is not the kind of midfielder who tries to take on rivals in one-on-one situations. Despite that, adopting that offensive role for Villarreal he has shown great ability to play underpressure in tight spaces, dragging and surpassing rivals by close ball control to later find free men in dangerous areas. He has also appeared as an important player towards goal, despite not having scored yet. When having the opportunity, he does not hesitate to try to go for goal, although his finishing is not one of his main virtues. He possesses a quality left foot, being also responsible for taking some of the set pieces in favor of Villarreal. 

Despite not being a really physical player, he competes well and adds aggressiveness to the midfield. When losing the ball, he quickly changes the chip and activates for the counterpressing, being clever to break the play when needed. He is a key player for Villarreal as provides a great work rate in the defensive phase, being an ‘8’ that works as a 5. Having played as center back, he has great sense of positioning and outlining, being helpful when embedding between center backs in lateral crosses to cover the penalty area. Terrats has good recovery and general positioning, which allows him to intercept and dispute duels in the midfield, being his tactical awareness a key factor in his defensive abilities too. 

Ramon Terrats has emerged as a surprising footballer ever he has had the opportunity to play this season. He is a young player, who despite having room for improvement in all aspects, has an averaged and mature profile. Terrats will for sure improve by getting minutes and become a really important and complete player. 

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