Scouting Report : Paxten Aaronson
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Eintracht Frankfurt have recently signed a youngster who is said to be one of the next big things coming from American soccer. His name is Paxten Aaronson, another case of an EEUU player that has early made a move to European football, in search of establishing himself as a potential future star.

Paxten Aaronson, born on the 26/08/2003 is a former Philadelphia Union academy player, who started catching up attention in USA soccer in the early stages. He was precociously introduced in the first squad dynamic, being only 17 years old in his first appearance in MLS. Since then, he established himself as a key player for Philadelphia Union, leaving great performances, which led into his transfer to Europe and the call to be part and leader of the U20 USA national team. 

The young American performs as attacking midfielder, being also able to play as 8 or 10 in the midfield trio. He is the classic quality playmaker profile, gifted with high technique, but with an incredible commitment and work rate in the defensive phase. 

Aaronson is a creative ball playing footballer, who likes to adopt a free role in the midfield when his team is in possession. He is a really smart player in terms of spatial awareness, detecting clever and free spots between the rival´s midfield and defense. Not only in inner positions, he reads the game well, being able to attack spaces from the second line and come to receive wide, creating overloads to grag rivals out of position. Receiving in advanced areas between lines, he has the ability to dynamise the plays in the last third, wanting commonly to look forward and be vertical. He possesses excellent vision to detect teammates spots and runs, and high accuracy in filtering passes and crosses to provide them goal scoring opportunities. 

He is a really complete player in terms of technique and is confident in it. His good close ball control and short dribbling ability make him a good press-resistant player, having great ability to hide the ball and get fouled. He possesses good ball carry, allowing his team to play in transition, pushing his team forward. In addition, he possesses great skills in one-on-one situations to surpass rivals in his transition looking to burst into the penalty area. Having such good dominance of almost all the technical aspects of the game and being able to be combinative and vertical, he is such an unpredictable player. 

Off the ball, he is an active player in the defensive phase. He is a key player to initiate the pressing, orientating the play and avoiding progressive passing lines. Unusual for a quality playmaker profile is his huge contribution in the midfield. Despite his lack of strength or physicality he is aggressive and winner in ground duels, and also provides interceptions thanks to his good game lecture. His aerial game should be improved as he barely wins aerial duels for a midfielder position and an increment of levels of strength would be also beneficial to unlock his great potential and become a top player. 

Despite not having played too much for Eintracht Frankfurt since his arrival to Europe, Paxten Aaronson is a player with great potential who will give a lot to talk in European football in the near future. 

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