Scouting Report: Noah Okafor
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Noah Okafor is a current rising star playing for RB Salzburg. The 22-year-old Swiss-born striker had an incredible season last year (9 goals and 8 assists) and has already been involved in 8 goals in 12 games played this season, having caught the eye of many elite clubs looking to bolster their offence.

The young striker grew up playing youth football for Basel before breaking into the first team in 2018, where he spent two seasons proving his quality, leading to a move to Salzburg. He can play perfectly well in any attacking position, but becomes decisive playing as a striker, where he has given a standout outing playing alongside Adeyemi (last season), Sesko and Adamu in Salzburg's 4-3-1-2 system.

His characteristics and skills are so varied that they allow him to adapt to different styles of play. He can play between the lines, holding and protecting the ball at the back thanks to his physicality, timing the play and allowing his team to project in attack. He can also adapt to play as a second striker, as his tactical intelligence and pace give his teammates plenty of alternatives, attacking space vertically and offering interesting passing lanes. Okafor can also come in and support the midfield being associative and with vision to help in the development phase of his team.

In terms of technical skills, he stands out for his great ability to beat his man in 1-on-1 situations. His electric and quick feet, coupled with his high range of skills, make him unstoppable in tight spaces, while his powerful running and control of both feet allow him to play in open spaces, either going right or left. It is a common sight during Salzburg matches to see him receive the ball on the left flank, turn, cut inside and make a solo run, gaining metres and approaching the penalty area to attempt a mid-range shot. As a centre-forward, he possesses great goalscoring ability. He is quite impressive for being clinical and ruthless, being able to score with both feet and headers, although the latter may be the weakest aspect of his game. In fact, he is averaging a total of 4.09 shots per game, with almost half of them on target.

Also noteworthy is his contribution off the ball both offensively and defensively. Playing for a team like Salzburg, who want to press forward and counter-press after losing the ball, his high work rate and determination to go after his man by preventing his good forward movement allows him to win back many balls in dangerous areas, leading to the creation of quick plays and promising scoring chances. Offensively, due to his good positioning and high mobility, he becomes really difficult to mark. He is always on the lookout for scoring situations, finding the optimal positions and the opponent's weak and blind spots to take advantage.

His effort and performance do not go unnoticed, and his scandalous start to the season has attracted the interest of many clubs around the elite of the competition. It is clear that Okafor is a complete striker with room for improvement who can become one of the biggest names in football in the future.

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