Scouting Report : Milos Kerkez
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Az Alkmaar has been one of the sensations not only in Dutch Eredivisie (where they part in fourth position after Ajax, Psv & Feyenoord) but also in Europe, where they have earned a place in the Conference League semi-final. His combinative, fluid and attacking style of game has attracted many football fans, and also has allowed their players to catch up attention around a lot of teams in Europe. One of its brightest diamonds is Milos Kerkez, who has been over performing during the whole season.

Milos Kerkez, born on 07/11/2003 is an Hungarian footballer product of AC Milan´s academy. Started playing in Austria, for Rapid Vien, he came back to Hungaria (Györ), where his outstanding performances allowed him to be transferred to AC Milan. After 2 years, and without making his professional debut, he left for AZ Alkmaar looking for minutes and initiating his professional career, where he seems to have established as a promising and potential future star.

The 19 years old player starts as left back, but due to his characteristics can perform as winger back or even in more advanced positions as winger. He stands out for his good ball dominance, personality, tactical awareness and immense offensive contribution, having participated in 13 goals this season. 

Milos Kerkez is the kind of defender that feels more comfortable with the ball in his feet and in attacking sequences than in the defensive phase, despite being a tough and reliable defender. He possesses good ball playing ability and vision, being helpful in the build up phase of his team. Due to this fact, it is common to see him adopt inside positions in the weak side of the play, in order to quickly receive, shift the game to his winger next to the side line, create spaces and attack the rival´s fullback back. But he really becomes much more dangerous and prefers to operate in high positions next to the sideline. He is an incommensurable aid in the attacking phase, constantly overlapping tirelessly even in late stages of the match, providing 2vs1 situations. Receiving in advanced positions, he is brave and shows great personality. 

He is strong in one-on-one situations, being able to take on rivals in both open space and tight spaces, and presents an elevated successful ratio of dribbling. He is really versatil and unpredictable, having alternatives to dribble wide gifted with high pace and look for crossing opportunities (as he possesses an accurate left food) or cut inside and associate fastly in the last third, having quality to filter the last pass or try to go for goal, being one of the defenders with most shots in the Eredivisie. In that sense, he is the classical modern full back, who performs defensive duties, but has an incredible impact in attacking plays, providing depth and width. 

His tendency to project into attack and AZ Alkmaars pressing style and height may be a threat as Milos leaves great space behind his back, but he is fast enough and possesses a high work rate to recover position, being suitable in a high pressing squad. Kerkez is tactically clever in his positioning and game lecture. He is aware of his mates and the line height, being able to correct and make zone coverages when center backs leave the defensive line, but he has to improve in his decision making, selecting better moments and timing to jump to his target without leaving huge spaces and the defensive line exposed. 

Milos is aggressive and tough in all his defensive issues despite not being an extremely physical player. He is winner in a great amount of ground duels, having good timing and being clean in most of his tackles, and possesses good use of his body, allowing him to take advantage in death balls. An aspect where he should improve is in the use of his arms, which would help him to disturb and be a complete nuisance to surpass. 

Milos Kerkez possesses a really complete modern full back profile for such a young age. He is committed in the defensive phase and has a huge impact in attacking, perfect combination for a high pressing and ball playing team. Despite having room for improvement in order to perform at the highest level, he is living an incredible moment, and many clubs already have his name on their radars. 

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