Scouting Report : Mathys Tel
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Born on 27/04/2005, Mathys Tel catched up attention of the world of football during his first ever professional season last year playing for Stade Rennes. The French attacker, grown in Rennes academy, was monitored in his academy days for various clubs, and only needed 7 professional appearances to confirm the high potential player he was at his only 17 years old, when Bayern Munich invested to get him transferred to Bundesliga.

Mathys Tel starts as center forward, being clever to play alone or accompanied by another striker. He is quite apted with both feet, which makes him a good fit in both right or left winger role, providing verticality and unpredictability to the game, being able to perform across all the frontline. The French youngster is a pacy and powerful player, who shows great personality, confidence and determination in his game. 

Tel is a good forward to look for verticality and lengthen the rival by attacking and creating spaces. He is a very mobile player, who loves to attack vertically to the back of the defenders, avoiding them, with his presence to jump to inside between lines positions and creating spaces for a team such as Bayern that loves to build up plays from his own goal. In that way, he suits as a good different alternative in a combinative team, preferring to play in open space. Despite that, he is a player that also likes to be involved in the game and link up with his teammates. He combines well attacking spaces and coming to receive, understanding the game and playing fastly in one or two touches accelerating the play, but his passing accuracy should be improved to perform and fit perfectly in those actions and systems. While playing on the side, he tends to adopt inside positions, where due to his ambidextrous condition, he becomes more of a complete threat, being able to go wide or cut inside (preferred option), looking to fastly combine in the last third or get a good position where he can score from. 

He is confident in his technique and skills, and loves to dribble whenever he has the opportunity, having a huge amount of tricks in his repertoire. He possesses great footwork, coordination, agility and explosiveness for a striker of his size, which makes it difficult to defend him. He also hides the ball really well, helped by his corpulence and good use of his body, being able to play with the back to the goal with comfort in contact situations. His change of pass and acceleration are key in his one-on-one duels, and help him also to play in transition leading the counterattacks, having powerful and solid ball conduction. He has improved his close ball control and ability to play in tight spaces while playing for Bayern, making his forward profile still more complet. When it comes to finishing, he possesses good ball striking ability, and does not hesitate to try mid-long distance shooting. He is also a good header, being an aerial threat in the penalty box, but becomes determinant in close range finishing. He is clinical in 1vs1 situations, with cold blood and killer instinct. He has great finishing with both feet, having already scored 4 goals this season in just 351 minutes, with a positive output in his G-xG stats (+2,2). 

Mathys Tel is a committed and hard worker professional. His involvement in the defensive phase is a clear example for that. Despite not being the classical striker who supports midfield, he is a key element for the pressing. He activates himself fastly when losing the ball, and is intelligent to detect when to jump into pressure and when to remain avoiding passing lanes and covering the zone. His mentality is also an important aspect in his game and performances. He is fearless, eccentric and shows great personality in his actions and decision making, never giving up and having great reactions to unfavorable events. 

Mathys Tel possesses a really complete striker profile for his early age, being dominant and capable in all aspects of the game. Having been considered as a future all star, he has potential to become an important player, not only for Bayern Munich but also in elite football stages. 

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