Scouting Report: Lesley Ugochukwu
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Lesley Ugochukwu is a defensive midfielder that plays for Stade Rennais in the Ligue 1. The French youngster quickly entered the first team after joining the club’s U19 section in the 19/20 season, and has earned a permanent place in “Les Rennais” squad thanks to his outstanding performances. 

Ugochukwu starts as defensive midfielder, but can adopt different roles, playing as box-to-box midfielder or supporting the defense playing as center back, providing his team a build up phase and defensive forcefulness. 

Lesley is the kind of midfielder that imposes himself on the pitch. His physicality (1,88m), body mass ratio and power make him feel comfortable in contact situations, being extremely difficult to take the ball off him. He is a hardworking and determined player, with great work rate in the defensive phase. This, added to his great positioning and game lecture, leads into a huge amount of recoveries and interceptions of ball in every match. 

Beyond the physical aspect, Ugochukwu is a great footballer in terms of tactical and technical development. He is a smart player, knowing to find space between lines. Once he gets the ball in that position, his great vision and passing accuracy is a strong weapon, allowing his team to start plays and maintain possession, being the ability and elegance to play under pressure one of his greatest qualities. He helps his team to gain meters on the opponent's field, filtering vertical line-breaking passes and accurate long throws with great timing to teammates in optimal positions. 

Despite being a defensive player, he can also surprise with incursions to the opponent's box. Due to his stamina and capacity to cover a big parts of ground, we may see him make a powerful late run into the rival’s penalty area looking for a chance to show his good shooting ability. Ugochukwu is always a good option to give the ball to, as his decision making in each part of the field is above the average for someone of his age. 

Lesley Ugochukwu has played a high level football this last season, but he does have room for improvement. He could certainly work on his aerial game, as it may be the weakest aspect of his profile, but important due to his characteristics and position. Moreover, he is a dangerous player when he pushes his team forward and joins the attack, but it is not common to see so during Stade Rennais matches. A more active involvement in the attacking phase would benefit his team and help him to develop all his potential as a complete football player. 

Having spent only a season in elite football, he has already shown flashes of his potential. Ugochukwu is a delightful and must-seen player that has already earned the “future star” tag in the European football.

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