Scouting Report: Kouadio Koné
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Kouadio Emmanuel Koné is a central midfielder with purely defensive characteristics, but thanks to his technical and athletic skills he can also go box to box during the course of the match, having a good quality in the progression ball and chain. He has a solid and structured physique, with muscular strength in the legs combined with good quality in basic technique. This leads him to be an excellent protector of the ball and to easily retrieve the ball during the opponent's offensives. Is also good to overtake the man and leave him in place with dribbling, often using the sole of the foot, and putting his powerful body into it.

In the match played by Borussia Mönchengladbach against Red Bull Leipzig he played as a central midfield (center right) in the 3-4-2-1 and as a central midfielder in the 5-3-2 in the defensive phase . In other games he played in the 2 midfield in the 4-2-3-1 form. In the construction of the game, sometimes he also lowers himself on the line of the defenders, while in some situations in the offensive phase he lowers himself in temporary replacement of the central defense.

Tactically, as reported above, he is primarily a central midfielder who guarantees good coverage, skilled in breaking the opponent's game and recovering the ball, using the strength and power of his physical structure. To this he also combines a good vision of the game and good skills in controlling and receiving the ball. Despite his young age he is already a tactically intelligent boy, he is in the midst of the game, he implements movements without the ball to go and ask for the ball, the weight of him in the middle of the field is felt and he manages to manage the pace of the match well. He can easily play in several parts of the midfield, usually plays in a 2-man midfield staying low, but he could very well play the role of midfielder with the technical and physical skills he has.

He has a good basic technique, despite his massive and muscular physique, he is able to perform effective technical gestures with good quality. He has an important quality in oriented control: with his back to the goal, he often manages to leave the opponent in place, using a correct posture in the movement, implementing body feints, and overcoming the man by often using the sole of the foot to move the ball, thus gaining a playing time. He is therefore also skilled in the game under pressure. He also has good dribbling and long throwing skills. He also possesses good conduction and progression ball and chain, and a good powerful shot from a distance. In the contrasts he is incisive and puts strength, in the duels shoulder to shoulder is difficult to overcome. He is very good at putting his body into it and earning a foul, using his long levers to retrieve the ball.

Physically he already has a strong frame, he is muscular, athletic, he has strength in the legs, and he is 186 cm tall. It is therefore difficult to move. He discreetly uses his body to carry out his duties in the middle of the field. He has power, strength, is skilled in aerial duels and in protecting the ball. He has a high level of aerobic capacity and stamina. It is also quite agile in its movements with the body. A flaw I noticed is in the support of the feet: when he runs he tends to have a "duck" gait, and this way of placing his feet in my opinion takes away something in the speed, stride and speed of running.

In the game he is determined and concentrated, has an elastic mentality, adapts to cover multiple roles during the match according to the needs of the team. He is generous and gives all of himself. He is not arrogant and plays for the team. He takes responsibility, does not hide and is not afraid to be the protagonist in the middle of the field. He has a strong temperament and plays with determination. I think he is a valid professional in general, that he cares about the care of his body and teamwork. In our opinion he will be able to improve with experience in leadership and awareness of his own means, to become more of a team man.

In conclusion, I believe that he is a valid midfielder, who guarantees coverage and defensive solidity, but also good quality in his feet and in the progression of the ball to the foot. I'm sure he will soon gain experience in a big European club, trying to grow alongside more experienced players and higher team standards. A doub is in his support of his feet during the race, despite this I believe that he has ample room for growth in general and can fill that defect with all the qualities mentioned above. With experience I am sure that he will grow further, especially under the tactical and mental aspect and thus be part of a squad in the top European clubs.

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