Scouting Report: Kim Min-Jae
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Kim Min-Jae is a 25-year-old Korean defender new signing of the SSC Napoli transfer session in the summer of 2022.

The young center back started rising quickly through the ranks of Korean football, where he won the K league 1 twice with Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors, being named young player of the year in his debut campaign. His outstanding form led to a move to the Chinese Super League where he continued to impress, entering the radar of many scouts of European football. 

Despite his age, Kim already has 30 senior caps for South Korea and has been part of the U23 squad that managed to win the Asian Games recently. His first season in European football has not gone under radar and Min-Jae keeps on catching top clubs attention, as he is a complete defender, combining old fashioned way tough footballer with modern ball-playing defensive player. 

With 1,90 centimeters high and good physical conditioning, is the type of defender that makes his physical structure a strength of his way of playing, feeling comfortable in contact situations and dominant in aerial and ground duels. Kim is an outstanding defender in 1vs1 situations. His great ability to use his body, added to his good timing for a tackle or clearance, make it really difficult for rivals to pass through him. 

The Korean defender possesses an above the average game understanding, allowing him to read rival's movements and anticipate the play, intercepting and recovering successfully a huge amount of balls in each match. His great positioning is a key factor that explains his high defensive qualities. For a central defender, he possesses a great pace and power. With him leading the defense, his team has freedom to play a high backline, being able to catch up to rivals if any balls make it behind the defense. 

In the possession phase, Kim is the kind of player who likes to be involved in the game, playing the ball and creating chances for his teammates. For Fenerbache, it was a key piece in the build up phase, surpassing rival’s pressing with line-breaking passes or powerful solo runs. Not only in short range passes, he also has the ability to hit diagonals and surprise the rival, providing his team a direct and vertical alternative when struggling to create plays and maintain possession. Apart from starting plays from his own field, he can also finish them, being a strong weapon for his team in aerial balls. 

A bit controversial sometimes, Kim giving his everything for his team and partners in each ball. His aggressiveness and strong character clings to his partners, making them intense and focused during the whole match.

Kim Min-Jae has demonstrated to be a reliable and high quality defender during the last few seasons. The South Korean defender is said to be one of the latest big players to come from Asian football, and for sure be able to make the difference also in the italian Serie A.

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