Scouting Report : Julian Alvarez
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Julián Álvarez is perhaps one with the greatest potential in the 21-year-old

Argentinian forward. The young Argentine is a product of the youth

academy at River Plate and has spent, at the moment, his entire career at

the club. With River, Álvarez scored 32 goals and 25 assists in 91 games


If we take a look season by season, this year the young Argentine is

taking an impressive impact in the first squad. In this 2021/22 season, the

Argentinian striker has made 17 appearances in the Argentine top national

league and so far he has 16 goals and 8 assists, with an extraordinary

statistic of 1 goal every 80’ minutes.

The 21-year-old Argentinian is a mobile and creative forward who has the

ability to score all types of goals, with both left and right foot. Despite his

height of 170 cm, Álvarez has great intuition in knowing exactly when to

enter the penalty area, and with the right movements, he is able to receive

the cross from a teammate to hit it with the head.

He also, however, possesses incredible power in his shot and the willingness

to shoot from outside the area when the opportunity opens up. The young

attacker also proves to be a very versatile player it is often possible to find him

not only in the center of the attack but also playing either on the right or left-wing.

In fact, Álvarez has the ability to play not only as a first striker, but being a very

modern player who does not have a high physical structure, he is very quick

in the movements and also manages to get out of the first pressing thanks

to an oriented control.

Julián Álvarez can be described as both an area raptor who manages to

find himself in the right place at the right time, but also a player who likes to

build offensive action. It is no coincidence that the attacker in addition to

having a great scoring average, also has great numbers with assists,

managing to have an excellent vision of the game and a very precise foot.

Finally, we can say that the main strengths of the twenty-one-year-old

Julián Álvarez are certainly the speed, the coolness in front of the goal, and

the precision with which he creates and concludes the actions. The young

striker is certainly a great prospect for international football, a striker who

not only has a very high average goal but also a great vision of the game,

meaning that Julián Álvarez is essential not only to score goals but also to

help his team in the attacking phase. It will be very interesting and exciting

to see this young talent play in some big clubs in Europe and make a name

for himself.

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