Scouting Report: Jude Bellingham
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Jude Bellingham is on the edge of every top football team. His outrageous performances during the last year and a half and during the last World Cup, have left behind the “future star” poster, having established himself as one of the best footballers in his positions, becoming the present and future of European football.

Jude Bellingham is a 19 years old (29/06/2003) footballer that plays as midfielder for Borussia Dortmund. The English youngster started developing his potential playing for his home team, Birmingham City, where he quickly started astonishing the whole country and breaking records, leading to a transfer to Germany, as the most expensive 17 years old player of the history (25M), where he has continued fulfilling every expectation around him.

One of Jude´s main characteristics is his versatility, allowing him to play in every position in the midfield, becoming most dangerous and determinant when operating near the rival´s penalty area. He possesses an over the average and complete footballer profile: strong physically, technically gifted and tactically clever and advantageous.

His maturity is a remarkable aspect of his game. Bellingham possesses great ability to stay calm under pressure, having an above the average decision making. That fact, added to a great vision, explains his high passing accuracy in both long and short passes, being able to draw precise passes to find the free man from every position of the field. Despite being an associative player, he also likes to play vertically looking for the rival goal. He possesses great ability to filter progressive passes and does not hesitate to gain meters by powerful ball carries.

When arriving to the final third, Bellingham is a good alternative to give the ball to, as he has quality enough to make the difference. An aspect where he has improved a lot from his Birmingham time is his ability to filter the last pass, as he has become more patient and accurate, leading to less ball loses. This is reflected in stats, as he has created 3,73 shooting opportunities per 90 minutes this season. In that sense, he can be a strong weapon to open a match against a low block defense team, being outrageous to play quickly in tight spaces due to his fast feet.

It is common to see him try to go for a goal every time he has the opportunity. He possesses good ball striking ability, being able to score goals from long distance. Despite that, he has to try to select better moments and improve accuracy, as barely 36% of his shots (31) have been on target during this season, allowing him to score 3 goals.

His off the ball contribution in the offensive phase is also remarkable. When playing against and advanced defense, it is common to see him breaking into space provided by high pace and large strides. His game lecture allows him to detect spaces to attack in depth, or free spots between the lines to receive and turn around, making his game unpredictable, having alternatives to adopt different playing styles.

In the defensive phase, his contribution, effort and dedication is undoubtable. His attitude makes him one of the leathers of Borussia Dortmund´s counterpress when losing the ball. Providing aggressiveness and muscle to the midfield, he is also really involved near his penalty area, as is the second man in the team who makes more tackles in his first third, and the leather in interceptions and blocked passes.

Jude Bellingham has earned everybody´s respect and admiration despite his young age and professional career. He seems to dominate every aspect of the game, feeling comfortable even in the most important and big stages. It is obvious that is a top player, that would be on the top of the game for years.

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