Scouting Report: Jakub Kiwior
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Jakub Kiwior is being one of the sensations of Italian Serie A this season. The 22 years old (15/02/2000) Polish defender, formed on Anderlecht´s youth academy, arrived on 2021 summer to Spezia, where he has established himself as a future reliable center back, leaving outstanding performances and being already part of his national team, participating is his first ever world cup in Qatar 2022.

Being left-footed, he starts as left central back, but can play in both sides, as left back or even as defensive midfielder pushing his team forward. The young defender stands out for his huge physicality and defensive incisiveness, seeming sometimes to be everywhere in the defensive phase for his team.

Kiwior is a solid and reliable defender, difficult to surpass. He possesses a really good game lecture, detecting all rival movements and anticipating them, being that aspect the main reason to explain his huge amount of interceptions and blocks per game. Moreover, His physical structure makes it really difficult to pass through him in aerial plays, and allows him to use his body properly, regaining possession for his team in one-on-one situations, becoming rocky and strong. He also uses his arms impeccably well to disturb the man in possession of the ball and take advantage.

He is always aware of the zone coverage. When his fullbacks project into attack, his elevated pace allows him to fix imbalances if rivals attack those spaces, same as playing as midfielder, allowing his teammates to focus in attack, becoming a really destructive player. In those situations, he does not hesitate to go for a strong tackle, being the sliding tackle one of his signs of identity. This fact may clearly describe him as a player, stopping rival attacks and playing easily to free mates. Another

As Spezia prefers to play a direct style more than combinative, his passing statistics do not accurately reflect his ball playing ability. Being an alternative to play as defensive midfielder, Kiwior possesses vision and understanding of the game to combine with teammates and progress in the game despite having little % of progressive passing stats this season. One of his main virtues when building up the play is his long range passing, being able to switch the ball quickly from one side to another in order to find the free man to project into attack.

Jakub Kiwior has already catched up attention of many top teams in Italian Serie A but will sign a new deal of Arsenal. His notorious contribution in the World cup would for sure have arisen the interest of many other clubs to the list, but the gunners were the quickest to sign him.

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