Scouting Report: Gabriele Ferrarini
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Born in La Spezia on 09 April 2000, Gabriele Ferrarini is a young Italian defender who currently plays for Fiorentina. The 22-year-old right-back grew up playing in Fiorentina's U17 and U19 teams before gaining experience in senior teams such as Pistolese and Venezia. This last season Gabriele played on loan for Perugia in Serie B, where he showed great determination and quality, looking ready to play in the top Italian competition.

Ferrarini is the kind of right back that pushes his team forward, being an excellent alternative for his team in the offensive phase. In this way he can fit perfectly into a 4-back formation as a right-back, or occupy the entire right wing playing as a full-back.

he is capable of performing effectively in both defensive and offensive phases. In defense, Gabriele provides aggression and toughness, being difficult to overcome. He is pretty good in 1vs1 defensive situations, knowing when to attack the man with the right timing. His high pace is also an excellent quality for the defense, being able to recover position quickly. One of his best defensive attributes is his game reading in terms of anticipation, which allows him to intercept a large amount of balls during matches before throwing himself into attack.

In attack, his effort contributes to the breadth and depth of the team. His high stamina allows him to do incredible vertical solo runs in the right lane, providing offensive and alternative moves to his teammates. It is common to see him overlap and recover position tirelessly many times during his performances. Skilled at focusing on the nerve center of the pitch, he tries to help his team in the construction phase, as he has great vision for a right back position profile.

When Gabriele advances he always manages to put his rival in difficulty. In the last third he has the courage to dribble the opponent and deliver millimeter crosses to the attacker. His technical skills are quite good, having solid ball control and high accuracy in short and long passes, making him a footballer capable of adapting to different situations and styles of play, from ball possession to vertical football and direct.

Having little experience in professional football, he has great room for improvement to develop as a footballer. Being able to manage the 2 phases and understand when to throw into attack and when to fall behind can lead to less exposure of his team to suffer imbalances and counterattacks. Another issue to work on could be physical condition trying to improve strength levels and making them an advantage in defensive situations.

Although his future is not yet clear, it looks like he will compete in Serie A this 2022/23 season. On loan, or playing for the "Violas", Ferrarini today has what it takes to compete in Serie A.

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