Scouting Report: Felix Afena-Gyan
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Felix Afena-Gyan is a Ghanaian striker, born on the 19 of January of 2003, the 19-year-old striker is a new interesting prospect for Roma’s squad but also for Serie A. The 2003 class, Felix Afena-Gyan, joined RomaU19 at the beginning of 2021, and in 19 games in the Primavera 1, he managed to score 10 goals and serve 2 assists. Now the young talent was promoted by Mourinho to be part of the first team, where in his 3rd match in Serie A, the young talent scored 2 goals that gave Roma an important win against Genoa in Liguria. 

Felix plays as a striker but also likes and has the quality to play on the left-wing. The young striker most of the time plays as an alone-striker where he enjoys dropping a bit deeper and playing between the lines, doing fast link-up plays, and creating space with two of his best qualities, speed, and strength.

The young Ghanaian striker is a player who likes to receive the ball both on his foot or long on the pitch, when he receives the ball on his feet the young Ghanaian manages to protect the ball well and then serve it to one of the outside players who is making an insertion, but when he manages to block the defender and receive and receive a through ball, thanks to his speed he always manages to put the opposing defenders in a very tough position. The striker is very comfortable playing on the left-wing as well, in that position he enjoys making runs with the ball and dribbling his way to the area so that he can shoot, in the Primavera he has a few goals playing on the left and the going inside the area thanks to his speed and good dribble. Felix Afena-Gyan also combines his physic with an electric burst of pace that makes him almost impossible to catch, especially when he slows down and then sprints again making it hard for the opposition to follow him.

The young talent with the primavera side proved to be a great goal scorer, and that is why after many goals for the Primavera side, Roma’s coach Josè Mourinho decided to give him a chance in the first squad. With the giallorossi, Felix scored only 2 goals until now, but for his young age and the minutes played is not a bad start to have 13 played matches in Serie A and 2 goals. Felix thanks to that also has the record of being the first player born in 2003 to score 2 goals in a match, and the sure thing is that he will not stop now.

After this season will be over, it will be interesting to see what Roma will do with this young talent since in attack they invested a lot of money on Tammy Abraham, and for Felix a 19-year-old talent, it wouldn’t be too productive to keep him on the bench next year. It would be great to see him play more, especially to see him being the main striker in a smaller team, so he can get more confidence with Serie A. Felix Afena-Gyan has clearly talent, and what he needs is a club that will make him play game after game, so he can become an important striker for Serie A.

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