Scouting Report: Federico Valverde
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Federico Valverde is a young central midfielder of Real Madrid born in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1998. The young midfielder is certainly considered among the top players of the moment with still a lot of room for improvement to establish himself among the best in the world. Arrived in the summer of 2016 at Real Madrid at just 18 years of age, after the merengues shelled out 5 million to Peñarol. As soon as he arrived, Valverde played 1 season with Real Madrid Castilla, and then a season on loan at Deportivo La Coruña, before finally returning ready and mature to Real Madrid's first squad. 

It can easily be said that Valverde's versatility and adaptability are its greatest strength, offering a consistent balance between attack and defense. The fact that he can play in a variety of positions means that he often retains his place in Real's starting XI, regardless of the system Carlo Ancelotti chooses. In their 4-3-3, Valverde’s position is usually the same role that Luka Modrić operates, in the right-hand side and in front of Casemiro, but with more freedom to roam forward and attack; but when Real plays in their 4-4-2 Fede Valverde most commonly plays on the right and provides support for the relevant central midfielder while still advancing from a wide position. 

The young Uruguayan is certainly considered a midfielder of a very important physical strength, despite not being a very tall player and an exaggerated physical structure, Fede Valverde has what in Uruguay they call the "garra charrúa"

Valverde is a player who manages to do both phases very well, defensive and offensive. Thanks to his "garra", the young Uruguayan is capable of covering large areas of the pitch, therefore making it difficult for opponents to dominate in midfield. Valverde is very good at stealing the ball, but not only that, after disarming the opponent he also has an excellent quality to play ball to foot. In fact, this allows him to be a complete midfielder, able to both press and steal the ball, but then has the tranquility and composure to play the ball cleanly, which is a very important quality to have as a midfielder. 

The 23 years old Uruguayan demonstrates exceptional talent when receiving quick passes, he adopts the ideal body position and controls the ball so that he can protect it with his frame. A player with those qualities can consistently relieve pressure when he is required to do so.

Valverde is at the age of 23 already to be considered a very important midfielder with a bright future. Right now, playing for Real Madrid alone side people like Modrić, Kroos, and Casemiro, the young Uruguayan can only improve and for what he has shown so far in the last 3 years, he already has a guaranteed future to be among the best in the world.

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