Scouting Report: Enzo Fernández
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Enzo Fernandez is one of the latest discoveries from Argentinian football, and a huge bet from Scaloni, having been selected for Argentina´s squad in Qatar holded World Cup. The 21 years old (17/01/2001) player is having an outstanding start of the season, being one of the proper names in Portugal's Primeira Liga.

Enzo starts as a central midfielder for Benfica, but has made great contributions in both areas, adopting the box to box midfielder role. He has already been involved in 8 goals during 24 matches this season, and has had incredible performances in Champions League, qualifying to the round of 16.

Enzo stands out for his good ball dominance, offering a solid and reliable build up for his team, wanting the ball every moment and orchestrating the attacking phase. His high pass completion rate per 90 (87,1%) and number of passes per 90 tried (96,89) during the last year is a clear example of his close relationship with controlling the tempo of the game. Enzo is the kind of midfielder that takes responsibilities and combines sideways balls with progressive linebreaking passes(9.5 per 90), trying to gain meters for his team into the opposite half. He also possesses good long rate passing, being able to switch the ball quickly from one side to another.

His continuous scan of the surroundings and vision allow him to receive the ball in optimal positions and find the free man easily. Enzo even feels comfortable when receiving in tight spaces, manages pressure and does not hesitate to project himself into attack. His powerful ball conduction is key to break lines in midfield, and lead to promising attacking options for his team when arriving near the penalty area. In fact, he averages 2.9 actions leading to shots per 90 in all competitions since his arrival to Benfica. Despite not being one of his biggest strengths, he possesses high power shooting, being a threat in mid-distance approaches.

Enzo plays an important role off the ball too. His elevated work rate, energy and dedication are undoubtable. His high stamina allows him to cover a lot of ground, what added to his good positioning and anticipation lead to ball recoveries for his team. Enzo's defensive skills and aggressiveness are outrageous, being difficult to surpass him in one-on-one situations due to his good use of body and arms, and determination when going for a tackle.

In terms of mentality, he has demonstrated to have what it takes to be the leather of his team. He stays focused all the game, suffers for his teammates and handles errors properly. An aspect to work on to complete his midfielder profile is his aerial game. Having good levels of physicality and corpulence (1,78m) to battle for aerial balls, he barely gains 43% of his duels, so an improvement of that aspect of the game may optimize his performance.

Despite being his first year in Europe, the start of the season of Enzo is not going unnoticed and he is constantly in the public eye. For sure a lot of teams will be monitoring his World Cup performances, and Enzo will give a lot to talk about in the future.

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