Scouting Report: Destiny Udogie
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With Nigerian origins, the young footballer Destiny Udogie was born in Italy, Verona the 28 of November of 2002, and is the new talent for the Italian left-back. Currently, the talented Veronese is on loan with obligation to buy with conditions at Udinese, he arrived at the bianconeri at the beginning of the season after having been in the Verona youth squad since he was a child, until last year when he arrived in the first team.

Udogie is a left-back and in Udinese who plays with a 3-man defense, the young talent plays overwhelmingly on the entire left wing as a Wing-back. This allows him to help a lot not only on a defensive level like a classic full-back but playing on all of the left flank, the young talent from Verona, manages to cover the offensive phase of the action very well. At the age of 19, the young man from Verona manages to make a big difference when he is called into question. By now for Cioffi's team, Destiny is a fundamental player for the balance of the team defensively but also offensively. Udogie with his 1,88m of height, has in his repertoire the fact of being very strong physically but also very fast and this allows him to be a very modern player, being able to do both phases of attack and defense with ease, the young talent is very difficult to contain and overcome.

When he receives the ball with the pressure of the opponent, Udogie almost always manages to override the opponent, and he does it in two ways. The first and it is the simplest but the most effective one is when the young Udogie immediately manages to open for a companion and then be found ready for support or even with a quick one-two that throws him on the left corridor so then cross into the area. Udogie's second option is to jump the man, thanks to his physical strength but especially to his speed, this option almost always succeeds. With a feint of the body, the young talent manages to deceive the opponent and then self-launches in the opponent's 3/4, finding a teammate inside the area, or doing quick link-ups with Udinese’s midfielders like Pereyra. 

The 19-year-old Udogie, even if he does not have a formidable shot, thanks to his thrust in the attack phase, he often manages to lend a hand to score goals. With 24 appearances in Serie A with Udinese, the young left-back managed to score twice, in the surprising 1-1 with Milan and then in the very important 2-1 victory against Sampdoria.

In his first experience in Serie A, Udogie had made only 6 appearances with the Verona shirt, but this year with the Udinese shirt after 24 appearances in Serie A the attention of the other teams becomes greater. The ideal for the young talent would be to continue playing game after game, to grow more and more football and the square of Udine seems the right place for the moment. As his name says, Udogie has a clear “destiny”: to become a very important full-back not only for the clubs he plays and will play for, but also for the Italian national team who are looking for modern full-backs like him.

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