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Born on the 19th of April, 2001 in Salvador in the region of Bahia, Danilo dos Santos de Oliveira is an all-around midfielder, very strong in defending and marking opponents, but at the same time very good at insertions without the ball. We can say that the main role of the young Danilo is that of the defensive midfielder who covers the field well with a box-to-box orientation.

While Palmeiras' success (two Libertadores in a row) was built largely on the collective, only one player played in every game of their continental triumph, the 20-year-old midfielder, Danilo. The strong midfielder was a starter in the 2020 and 2021 wins, but once again proved to be an essential piece in Ferreira's well-organized squad and emphasized why he is one of the country's most exciting prospects.

In the tight and compact defensive form of Palmeiras, Danilo always makes sure to come back to aid his defense and tighten the space between the lines. He is also very good and smart when dropping in between the center halves to ensure there is numerical superiority, both in defensive situations and when playing out from the back. On top of Danilo’s reading of the game and positional awareness, he also possesses a wiry strength and a real battling spirit, which allows him to compete in all defensive aspects of the game and puts him as a very strong and annoying midfielder to get through. 

While Danilo has the tactical intelligence and discipline to operate as a more traditional defensive midfielder but thanks to his energy, work rate, and dynamism the young Brazilian is equally adept at playing even more of a box-to-box role. Danilo is not a midfielder who stands out in dribbling, indeed he does few, but his athleticism means that he can advance strongly, breaking lines and moving his team forward making life difficult for opponents. 

Another factor that makes Danilo more of a mixed midfielder is his underestimated passing ability. Danilo is not only strong in defending, pressing, and stealing the ball from his opponents, but he also has quality in recycling ball possession and boasts of high accuracy in passing. Danilo’s ability to spray raking cross-field balls from his cultured left boot or to launch a counter-attack with a long ball from deep has been a key element of Palmeiras’ direct style.

Finally, the young Danilo dos Santos de Oliveira is a very high-level midfielder given his young age and what he is showing on the playing field. A back-to-back Libertadores champion before his 21st birthday and with all the physical, mental, and technical straits of a modern midfielder, there will be plenty of Europe’s elite taking notice too. It is only a matter of time before we see him play on the grand scale of world football. 

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