Scouting Report : Caleb Okoli
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Caleb Okoli is an Italian central defender born to Nigerian parents. He is a central with a right foot, despite his young age (2001) he is a defender with an imposing physical structure, which makes him unsurpassed in 1 against 1 and in aerial duels, and thanks to his speed he can play very high, to easily recover the position and to be strong in anticipation. He generally tends to carry out clean interventions with class and quality, rarely does dirty interventions (both in situations with the ball and without).

From a tactical point of view, he manages very well to maintain his position and easly to recover it, as he is endowed with excellent speed and endurance. This is also why at the last experience to Cremonese often tended to have a very high and aggressive defense during the match. He is able to read the game well, doing the defensive diagonals well. In 1 vs 1 he proved to be unsurpassed, going in marking to put all his strength and physical power using his shoulders and body. This allows an ease in recovering the ball and to ensure excellent defensive solidity and coverage. He also proved very strong in the advance. In offensive set pieces he always goes to jump in the opponent's area, exploiting his cm and his physical power and in aerial duels. On the other hand, the aspect concerning the vision of the game can be improved, as I have not yet seen a mature and quality security in the management of the ball and in the passes.

Technically, I think that he will have to improve in the quality of the passes, in the ball-to-foot exits and in the conduction of the ball. The passage in depth and therefore the setting of the game in general can also be improved. I think he is unsurpassed in aerial tackles, being very strong in the deadlift and in the head shots, as well as physically. Very strong in game tackles, adopting effective tackles and at the same time very clean. This class of his interventions is striking, and at times I think he also has such an excess of safety that leads him to make these interventions of excessively quality, but in my opinion he will also learn to implement a little "dirty" interventions in some game situations, to avoid to make complicated plays such as not wanting to sweep the ball in delicate situations or not committing fouls a little more aggressive but necessary to avoid dangerous situations.

Physically it has a very rocky and powerful structure. The upper part of the body is characterized by the imposing musculature of the chest, shoulders and back, but despite this it manages to be fast in running and in progression, thanks to its long muscular but slender and agile levers (as posture and structure it reminds Koulibaly). This allows him to make the most of his body to win and be unsurpassed in 1 vs 1 duels, to recover the ball either by playing in advance (he loves being in contact with the opponent a lot without making him breathe and trying to steal the ball immediately) or in tackle shoulder to shoulder while chasing the opponent at speed. He is therefore endowed with great physical strength, which leads him to play with rhythm and intensity. He is strong in elevation and aerial duels. Very resistant in the race during the match I have never seen him in trouble.

Mentally I noticed that he has a great inner serenity, he plays with a smile but at the same time he is determined and has a strong temperament throughout the game. Even in adversity he manages to remain calm and not be influenced by the mistake. During the match he played with a high level of attention and concentration. I therefore believe that he has a strong personality and self-control, and from these details I believe that he is a valid athlete and professional.

As a final judgment after the first observation, I believe that he is a player who can still improve certain aspects (ball and chain exit and ball management, vision of the game, with experience also playing less classy plays in certain dangerous situations), but who has already very important general characteristics, above the average, and I think he is therefore a guy to keep under observation. Barring unforeseen events, I believe that he has a very important future ahead of him, and if a top Serie A team would take him into consideration, maybe I will go back to snatch him already now that he does not yet have a high cost, to make him grow alongside experienced defenders and staying at high levels every day, or sending him a year on loan to play in Serie A.
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