Scouting Report: Bruno Iglesias
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Bruno Iglesias is a Spanish attacking midfielder born in 2003 and is one of the jewels of Real Madrid's "La Fábrica". This season the Spaniard made a fantastic debut with the Real Madrid U19 shirt in the UEFA Youth League where he scored 3 goals and 2 assists in 7 games.

Iglesias loves being at the center of the team's offensive maneuver, he is at his best when playing through the middle as an attacking midfielder. On the pitch, Bruno Iglesias can be seen as an offensive playmaker where he can put to shine his great creativity and technique with the ball in his feet. He is a very intelligent player being young as he is, showing great composure knowing how to dictate the tempo of the match. 

The young Real Madrid player also possesses both speed and technique in getting away from the opponent's pressure, he’s quick with his feet giving him the advantage over the opponent making him difficult to disarm. Iglesias doesn’t have a strong structural body which if he has to go shoulder to shoulder with a defender, he is very likely to lose possession, but that’s if they manage to catch him.

Having the speed and the technique, Bruno Iglesias can also be seen playing as a left-winger. In doing so, Iglesias takes the ball from the left and then manages with his ability to go and turn so that he can shoot with his right foot, but being very good with both feet, he also has the possibility of entering with the left foot and look for a teammate in the middle of the area. This gives the young Madridista unpredictability which makes it harder for the opponent to defend. 

Being still very young, at times, he can be a little careless and too direct in his attempts to progress possession against set blocks, and since he doesn’t possess strong physic it makes him lose possession in situations where he could be even more composure than he usually is. 

Being perhaps the most talented player of Real Madrid’s La Fábrica, the young Bruno Iglesias is no doubt a player to keep an eye on. This season with the Real Madrid U19 he’s been one of the best players, giving great performances game after game, at the moment in 21 overall matches he has scored 13 goals. Bruno Iglesias Lois is certainly a great prospect not only for Real Madrid but also for the Spanish national team, should he continue like this, there is no doubt that Iglesias has all the abilities to have a bright future in international football.

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