Scouting Report: Borna Sosa
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In the Bundesliga, there is a 24-year-old left-back who has been making sparks from last season to today. Born in Croatia on January 21, 1998, Borna Sosa is the left-back of VfB Stuttgart, who arrived in Germany for around €6M from his hometown and club Dinamo Zagreb.

Borna Sosa is a fairly offensive left-back, where in addition to being a full-back when the team plays with a 3-man defense, he finds himself playing the role of left wing-back. This role suits him a lot, thanks to his 187cm height, good physical strength, and excellent speed making him almost impregnable in the left lane. Sosa is a full-back who likes to push in the offensive phase, thanks to his physical presence he always manages to put the opponent in difficulty. Sosa is a player who not only possesses the ability to beat his man but has a sensible understanding of when it is the right moment to go into an attacking duel, he knows when to stay back and being a classic left-back, and when going on attack mode like a real wing-back. Borna Sosa operates in a similar way to a traditional wing in which its main duties are to stand to the side and deliver balls in the area for attackers to pounce. 

Since he started to have continuity of play with Stuttgart, Borna has been making assists after assists. Last season, 2020/21, the young full-back managed to make 10 assists in 26 Bundesliga appearances, and this was the springboard that led him to be very observed by many clubs in the top 5 European leagues. Having the ability to create crossing opportunities through his exceptional dribbling, and then capitalizing with an unmatched aerial delivery, Borna Sosa is on his way to becoming one of the top attacking fullbacks in Europe.

With the attention of the top European clubs, Borna Sosa is very keen to go consecutive in double figures for the second time as far as assists are concerned this season. These are important numbers for a left-back who has only started playing continuously since last season, with a value of 20M € on the transfermarkt - already tripled since he arrived in Germany - making him a very attractive left-back who will surely have many requests for the summer. 

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