Scouting Report: Armando Broja
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Armando Broja is an Albanian striker who was born in Slough, England on September 10, 2001. The 20-year-old striker began his football career in the Chelsea youth academy, and has since then made all the basic categories of Chelsea, U18 up to U23. Since joining Chelsea, the young Broja also had a loan experience in the Netherlands at Vitesse in the 2020/21 season, where he played a total of 34 games and scored 11 goals and 3 assists.

Currently, Armando Broja has been sent out on loan again, this time however he has remained in the Premier League, at Southampton. While the season is still underway, the young Albanian has so far scored 9 goals and provided 1 assist out of 30 games played overall. Even if the numbers are not mind-boggling, the young striker is still showing his qualities in what is his first season in the Premier League. Broja became the youngest player in Premier League’s history to score in each of his first four home starts (20y 123d) and is the first player to do so since Diego Costa for Chelsea in October 2014.


As for the characteristics of the young striker, Broja is a 1.91m tall footballer and possesses great physical strength. He is a striker that is about much more than the end product, with an impeccable finishing ability complemented by a willingness to graft for the good of the team's cause and he also does that dirty work that does not always get the recognition it deserves.

Broja is a complete footballer, a striker who does not think only of his sole purpose of scoring but is a footballer who thinks about the good of the team and who fights on every single ball without leaving anything for granted. The young Albanian has in addition to great physicality, also an excellent speed of running and movements. This allows him to be a dangerous striker not only in aerial play thanks to his physicality and height but also in the quick ball on the ground. Broja manages to create numerous scoring chances not only for him but for the team, and he manages to do so both when he is with his back to the goal with the protection of the ball, and in speed.

An attacker with Armando Broja is always excellent to have in your team because it allows you to play in the attacking phase in different ways. When the team is high, Broja's work allows the team to raise the two flanks thanks to his ball protection and then to be very dangerous in the high balls inside the area, however when Southampton is crushed by the opponent it is great to have Broja thanks to his speed. Very often this allows Hasenhüttl's team to play on the counterattack and use all of Armando Broja’s qualities, speed, strength, and great footwork. 

There is little doubt about striker Armando Broja, a complete striker who with his young age has a lot of room for improvement. The only doubt remains in the head of Chelsea who will have to decide whether to collect the money for his sale, given that the Blues already have strikers like Werner and Lukaku where more than 160 million euros have been spent, or try to bet on him given its age and quality. The sure thing is that we will see and hear about the young Broja, it will only be a matter of time to see where he will play next season.

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