Scouting Report: Anthony Gordon
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Anthony Gordon, born on February 24, 2001, in Liverpool, is an English footballer who in this last season has been one of the key points for the salvation of the Toffees in the Premier League. An Everton supporter and player since birth, the young left-winger was a wonderful surprise in a struggled championship by the Toffees. Prior to this season, the young boy from Liverpool had played a total of 20 games across all competitions for Everton, and after a lot of sweat, the young left winger played a total of 40 games this year, twice as many years passed, and scored 4 times and provided 3 assists.

Anthony Gordon has shown he can be equally effective playing on either wing for Everton this season. He usually plays as a wide midfielder or on the leftwing side. Both Rafa Benitez and Frank Lampard have used his versatility throughout the season and have switched him between flanks on a regular basis. He has very good football intelligence for a player of his age group. When Everton looks to attack his off-the-ball movement into specific areas of the pitch is very quick and decisive. Often disrupting his opponent’s defense, creating space for himself and cutting inside the area, or creating space for his teammates by taking the defender with him.

Once in possession of the ball, Anthony Gordon attempts to show the same composure and intelligence as he does when out of possession. Especially when he is dribbling and attacking defenders. He is a player that really enjoys moving around the pitch, with or without the ball. Gordon has great dribbling skills and has the courage to face any type of defender, which shows great personality for a player his age. His success rate is the third-highest in the premier league this season. Considering he is in the top ten for the number of dribble attempts, this is very encouraging for a twenty-one-year-old experiencing his first full season of Premier League football. Of course, he has a lot still to improve dribbling-wise, sometimes he needs to understand when it's time to dribble and attack, and when it's time to move the ball around. 


Statistically, his crossing is not as productive as his dribbling stats, but Anthony Gordon has the incredibly good technical ability when it comes to crossing the ball. He possesses a good vision and he is very precise with passing the ball. His crosses are still something to work more on, but you can see that game after game he has been improving more and more. 

Anthony Gordon can be defined as a modern-day winger, a player that has the capacity of creating space and being part of the game as a whole. The young Toffee player is able to come and join the play and create his own space with his movement and play an integral role in the first line of defense. There is very great interest in this young English player, someone that is not only the present and the future of Everton, but also for England's national team. 

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