Scouting Report: Alejandro Garnacho
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Alejandro Garnacho is this season's Premier League wonderkid. Born on 01/07/2004, the eighteen year old is having an important role playing for Manchester united and Argentina´s U20 team, competing at an outrageous level and being decisive for his squads.

The young attacker has been involved in 4 goals (2 goals and 2 assists) in 384 minutes played, averaging a goal or assist each 96 minutes for Manchester United. Garnacho is the classical winger profile, gifted with high pace and great ball dominance who despite starting as left wing, is able to perform in both sides, due to his great use of both feet.

Garnacho can come to support the midfield and help in the build up phase, but he truly comes alive when operating within the final third. He provides verticality for his team, having great ability to create imbalances in one-on-one situations and looking constantly to enter the penalty area. In that way, Garnacho prefers to play at a high tempo, being able to create promising attacking plays in a flash from every part of the field.

He can easily adapt to receive the ball hugging the sideline in wide positions or finding half spaces, where his mobility and game lecture becomes a strong weapon. His first touch is key when receiving the ball, allowing him to destabilize the rival. From there on, his unpredictability is a key factor in his game. He tends to cut inside, looking to associate with teammates in a one-two action or looking for shooting positions, but he can also try to beat his man using his electrifying pace, chance of pass and above average ball dominance.

His off the ball tactical intelligence is another aspect where his team benefits from. As mentioned, his velocity is an important factor of his game. He has good timing and understanding of the game to attack spaces behind the opposition defense, allowing to adopt a direct and vertical style of play, being a good option to play in open spaces. Once he faces the goal, he possesses good ball-striking ability, being able to hit the ball with both feet. He can hit the ball hardly, but according to his trademark move of cutting inside, he has a tendency to place the ball into the second post corner with a curled shot.

Having little experience playing at the highest level, there are different aspects to work on to keep developing his talent. His aggressiveness and defensive contribution in the pressing phase is something to ameliorate, choosing better moments to press and improving the technique, avoiding passing lanes. Another aspect to work on is his decision making, as his high playing rhythm constantly results in ball losses trying to dribble when having different alternatives.

Alejandro Garnacho has been the sensation of the Premier League lately, leaving outstanding performances and fighting for a permanent place in Manchester. He is said to be the next football superstar once he reaches to unlock all his potential.

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