Roman Yaremchuck : Scouting Report
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Fresh from a good European championship with his national team, let's find out the report made by our analysis team:

ROMAN YAREMCHUCK (KAA Gent / Ukraine) - Striker - 1995


Physical-athletic qualities: right foot, 191 cm, normoline, good muscle mass. In relation to the body, running is coordinated and powerful, the most evident conditional capacity is maximal strength.


Technical qualities: he has a clear preference for the right foot in most plays but is able to finish even with a weak foot. Overall he has a good technical repertoire. In particular, a good first control (usually back to goal), short ball transmission and shot. On the other hand, limited in dynamic situations with the ball and the foot. One of his strengths is the aerial game.


Tactical qualities: first striker that varies in the central area of ​​the attack front, preferring match movements and in depth. He participates in the maneuver with good quality, especially in the bank game. He is capable of handling high and low balls. He has the quality to serve key passes to his teammates but generally his primary attitude is of finalization. The latter usually occurs following a cross or a deep pass. He hardly manages to create a networking opportunity with individual action. In the defensive phase he is useful in the set pieces of the opposing team.


Behavior: striker who plays for the team, not only has the goal in mind. He plays with a positive, professional spirit. Sometimes he is impulsive and emotionally out of control.


Final Judgment: first point of movement to Dzeko. Despite his physical size, he is able to participate qualitatively in the offensive maneuver, especially with his strong right foot. Unlike Dzeko, he does not have in the repertoire the ability to create dangerous situations with individual actions, such as 1vs1 in a lateral position. In the finalization phase he has a fair amount of solutions but he is not a striker for over 15 goals in one of the top European leagues.



Market tips: Tip that could do well in clubs like AS Roma, AC Milan, SL Benfica, West Ham.

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