Player Comparison : Vlahovic X Haaland
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Two names that are so tempting to the big clubs of Europe are certainly those of Erling Haaland and Dušan Vlahović. Certainly the most famous and in a moment of amazing form is Haaland, recognizing the Norwegian class of 2000 certainly as one of the best center forward in the world, next to Lewandowski and Benzema. With 70 goals and 19 assists in just 69 appearances for Borussia Dortmund, Haaland proves to have some mind-boggling numbers - a real goal machine.

In the other hand we have another class of 2000, Dušan Vlahović who slowly took Fiorentina's attack after the exits of players like Bernardeschi and Chiesa. Today the Serbian striker, after a spectacular last season scoring 21 goals in Serie A, is considered a fundamental piece both for the Viola team and the Serbian national team. Haaland is already a top player from a young age, a player who despite his height and muscle mass remains a footballer with great speed, that when going behind the opposition’s defense is unstoppable; a deadly player in front of the goal, who is very rare to miss a clean shot to the goal and that has a great intuition in getting unmarked and moving without the ball.

The Norwegian striker takes advantage of a great left foot that he uses both to shoot from inside and outside the penalty area; his physical structure also allows him to be very effective when protecting the ball. In fact, Haaland thanks to his physique is a very difficult player to steal the ball from, both when he makes runs towards the back of the defense’s line and when he plays with his back to the goal. The Serbian striker like Haaland has a very good left foot, he too can play with his back towards the goal.

Dušan’s determination and aggressiveness when he wants the ball and fights for the ball can be seen as his main characteristic as a striker, he likes to start and finish the offensive action in most of the cases. The Serbian striker likes to get involved with the plays, getting most of the time close to the midfielder to make combinations as he then runs behind the defense to get a good spot to receive and shot the ball. We can say that he is not as deadly and decisive as the Norwegian is; but unlike Haaland, Dušan possesses a great header.

Vlahović since playing for the Fiorentina youth team has shown to be very good at hitting the ball with his head, scoring many goals and often putting the defender in a very tough spot when marking him inside the box. There are similarities between Haaland and Vlahović, where two very young players are trying to find their own space in the top class football, with the first certainly already in an international context being at the moment one of the best around; and the second, Vlahović, starting to find his own awareness of his football and wanting to prove to everyone the level that he wants to be. We can truly say that at 21 years of age, Erling Haaland is a top class striker with a scary potential to become even bigger of what he already is; and that Dušan Vlahović at the same age of the Norwegian is a promising project for the near future. 

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