Player Comparison : Koulibaly X Tomori
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Football is made up of comparisons between one player and another, and in this moment there is a comparison that brings a lot of interest in football that counts with the one between Kalidou Koulibaly and Fiyako Tomori.

The first has already established himself as an elite player, of the best defenders in the world, year after year managing to put in charge performances of weight and being a point of reference for Napoli; meanwhile, the second is a young player who arrived only last year in Serie A for Milan, but who is already proving to have great personality and quality almost in becoming and being compared as the new Koulibaly.


They are two players who make their physical structure a strength of their way of playing, knowing how to perfectly use the position of the body as an artifact to recover the ball and to put the opponent in very tough spots. Koulibaly and Tomori are great at 1v1 situations, the first compared to the second, has more control of the timing of the tackle, whether Tomori, often when he breaks the line of defense, always tries to go immediately to contrast the opponent when perhaps he could stall a little and adjust his timing, which Koulibaly is more prepared to do.


In fact, in breaking the defense line, Kalidou Koulibaly hardly exposes himself to a situation that could put his teammates in difficulty. The 30-year-old center back, Koulibaly, has proven not only essential for the defensive maneuvers but also for the build up play, where thanks to the ability of using both feet he can pick great short and long passes to his teammates. But he is not the only that has this quality, in fact the rising star Tomori is proving game after game that he can also pick up passes like that. Both center backs can play good football with both feet, Tomori in Milan has shown playing both as center left and right back with no particular difficulty. The 23-year-old Milan center back is a player who, like Koulibaly, likes to touch the ball, to help in the built up play and enjoys picking short and long passes to his teammates.


Since joining AC Milan in January of 2021, Tomori has played 33 games overall and scored 1 goal in the league match played against Juventus in Turin which helped the team win 3-0; while Koulibaly this year, has started a sprinting season scoring already 2 goals in the first 8 league games. The two center backs can seem to lack a little bit on the aerial duels if you compare to other center backs in the Italian Serie A, both in defensive attacking situations; but Kouibaly has many times proven the contrary, scoring important goals and making impeccable defensive headers. While Tomori still have and can improve in this aspect, being only 23 years of age, he already has given many clues on the potential he can achieve. Overall both Koulibaly and Tomori make the best out of the quality that they have, making the physical structure their main key for the way that both players interpret the role of the center back.


While Koulibaly is a master of reading the situation and always knowing how to approach the opposition when breaking the line or waiting for the attacker, Tomori is showing great progress in both situations and getting the attention of the big clubs in Europe. Is no wrong to say that Fiyako Tomori has the potential and the age to become in the near future a new Kalidou Koulibaly.

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