New Release: TSA Task Calendar
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Here at The Scouting App we are always attentive to the improvement of our software to offer our customers the possibility of always being able to better manage the data and human resources that make up a scouting department.

For this reason we have decided to release the "Task Calendar" function, which will allow the manager of a work group to assign to one or more collaborators the tasks to be completed directly within his own workgroup.

How does this option work?

Select the start and end day of the assignment.

Define the assignment

Explain in detail what to do.

Decide who to assign the job to one or more collaborators.

And that's it.

The feature is also available for individual accounts (Gem Licenses) as a personal activity log. All our customers will find the new functionality already included in their account at no additional cost.

The Scouting App, the software for professionals created by professionals.

Check out this video tutorial to better understand how to use the new TSA feature.

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