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Top 11: Translating your scouting philosophy into tactical search requests

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Do you work in a club that has a clear strategy, a football philosophy and a favorite style of play? With the new Top 11 feature, we are able to support you in translating this into a data framework by player and position in your club's favorite tactics. Thanks to our advanced filters you will have the opportunity to select the right parameters, being able to perform in-depth searches based on the tactical needs of your team, for visualize on the field every player scouted over the times.

How to find the right kind of player for your team?

Nowadays having many alternatives for each position is the basis of a normal scouting process, and for this, with the Top 11 option we have decided to offer you the opportunity to view 4 alternatives per vote classified by the general average derived from the your previous evaluations. This option will give you the opportunity to create a complete screen of all the player profiles available in your database in detail, to offer you the possibility to reduce errors and always have functional alternatives to the game of your team's manager.

Online & Offline Analysis

As for any type of analysis available in our software, even the result of the analyzes carried out with the Top11 function will be exportable  to PDF to be able to share and work offline.


For all customers already subscribed to our services, this option is already available for free in your accounts. 

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