New Release : September 2021 Update
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The Scouting App continues to grow with new features available in our software. With the last update of September 2021 (version 1.4.2) we are pleased to announce the improvement of some features that will make the consultation and archiving of data easier but at the same time will allow you to work in more depth way.

- New Qualities Filters

Within the "filters" section, a new section called "quality" has been added which will allow all users to be able to filter the players stored in their database for the following evaluations:

• Potential Ability

• Current Ability

• Evaluation 1st Observation

These criteria will be accompanied by the option of being able to select the minimum value of the range of players to be displayed.

- New Attribute Visualization

This option will allow you to view within each player profile only the attributes used in the report creation phase, solving the age-old problem of having to display unused attributes in the player profile as well.

This function will allow you to arbitrarily choose not to use the whole attributes, giving the opportunity to different professional categories to work with our system in a detailed way.

TSA Team

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