Myron Boadu - Az Alkmaar : Scouting Report
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Throughout this season, Myron Boadu has primarily operated as a central striker, often as the lone striker in a 4-2-3-1 formation. However, instances have occurred where he has played as Alkmaar’s central attacking midfielder, left attacking midfielder or left-winger, highlighting his ability to be adaptable and still perform effectively.

As a striker who is also a competent winger when needed, Boadu has a natural gift of pace, allowing him to pick a late but decisive moment in an attacking phase to burst and make his run into space. He also uses his pace to break free into channels on either side and bring teammates into play around the edge of the penalty area, though his final pass is a segment of his game that he needs to improve. His ability to dribble past an opponent is a key part of his game and is a determinant in him filling other roles throughout the course of the season, not just the role of the striker. In 2019/20, the youngster has beaten an opponent with 61.1% of his 1-on-1 dribbles, most of which occur on the left hand-side of Alkmaar’s attacking half, or in the central area of the attacking half.  Boadu averages 2.8 1-v-1 dribbles per game, claiming success on 1.7 of them, with very little failure. 

Despite his age and inexperience at the senior level, Myron Boadu has already established himself a prolific goalscorer in the penalty area, with 93.6% of his shots this season coming from a position within the box. His current accuracy rating for the season stands at 47.1%, meaning almost half of his shots on goal are on target – perhaps an area of his game to work upon considering the majority of his finishing happens from a relatively close range. One statistic that does stand in a positive light for the young striker is his conversation rate: in 2019/20 alone, 22.3% of his shot total results in a goal.

Throughout the season, he has shown a combination of sharpness and composure in critical moments, which has enabled him to reach the goal tally he has. It has been mentioned that the majority of his attacking and finishing takes place in close proximity to the goal, and there are 2 positive reasons behind this. The first is that Boadu clearly has a strong understanding of the type of striker he is when it comes to goalscoring, and that his best chance at finishing off chances comes in the box after build-up play. The second reason has a causal link with the first – Alkmaar’s style of attacking football results in a positive number of chances being created in the penalty area, with three attacking midfielders combining with one lone striker.


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