Mikkel Damsgaard : Scouting Report
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Mikkel Damsgaard is one of the talents who is putting himself in the spotlight at Euro 2020. Owned by Sampdoria, who found him among the ranks of the Danes of Nordsjaelland, a renowned forge of scouting and talents.

Mikkel made his professional debut on 27 September 2017, aged just 17, providing an assist in the 0-4 Danish Cup game against Vejgaard.

On March 4, 2018, he made his first career goal, in the away win against the Randers and on July 10, he signed a four-year contract with the team, being definitively included in the first team squad.

Damsgaard got used to professional football fairly quickly, although he encountered normal difficulties at first. “I don't know if the level surprised me, but it was hard to get used to. The intensity is incredibly high and you have to be constantly 100% focused ".

He started playing football in Jyllinge (his hometown), where he stayed for eight years, also having his father as a coach. During a Jyllinge match, Damsgaard was spotted by an FC Nordsjælland scout, who was watching another player, but eventually ended up contacting Mikkel. In Nordsjælland he immediately joined the U12 team, where he immediately highlighted his good basic technical quality.

Mikkel Damsgaard thus remembers his first steps in the world of football. "Jyllinge was a great club to spend my childhood in and it was great to see how the team evolved while I was there. It was there that I learned to play football, “says the Under 19 national team gratefully.

When he was discovered in Jyllinge, Mikkel Damsgaard was playing in midfield, and had freedom of action across the pitch. He also continued to play in that role at FC Nordsjælland until the U17 coach tested him in attack. A new role in which Mikkel immediately proved to be at ease.

“I've always played in midfield so it was new enough for me to be a forward. Kasper Wheelman wanted me to play like a 'fake 9' and I really liked the new position. There I had the opportunity to step back onto the pitch and receive the ball on the frontline, "said the boy. (taken from fcn.dk)

At the end of the season he wins the award for Best Young Player of the Danish Superliga and the eyes of the Premier and Bundesliga team staffs focus on him, but it is too late: Sampdoria has moved early, and already in January 2000 blocked the boy with an offer of 6.5 million euros.

Role and characteristics of Mikkel Damsgaard

The class of 2000 began his career as a midfielder and is still often employed in that department, especially as a left midfielder, but over time he has been able to reinvent himself and make tactical flexibility an effective feature of him. From the Nordsjaelland U17 onwards, in fact, Damsgaard has also frequently played as an attacking winger in a 4-3-3 or even as a forward, or perhaps it would be more accurate to say a term like false nine, which not everyone likes. but it makes the type of center forward we are talking about better.

The 20-year-old Dane is gifted with excellent playing technique, so much so that he says that "he doesn't talk much, his feet do it". He knows how to assert his outstanding associative skills, to which he adds - especially when he is a midfielder - an aptitude for long throwing and aimed at freeing his teammates. For this reason, he would not be surprised by his tactical evolution, even contrary to the trend he had in his career, which brings him back to the nerve center of the field, even as a midfielder.

In the future, precisely by virtue of his technical-tactical maturity, it is not excluded that he may act as a playmaker.

Right footed, he likes to play the ball by touching it a few times and often making low passes.

As soon as he has a chance he tries to verticalize the game, giving great depth to his team's maneuver. 

He knows how to move with intelligence without the ball, especially in the offensive phase, going to position himself in the empty spaces well in advance.

In the defensive phase he knows how to move well in concert with his department, but sometimes lacks competitive nastiness in interdiction.

He knows how to kick idle balls very well and has good ball-to-foot acceleration, which allows him to elegantly jump over his opponents.

He has decent speed over the long run, as well as medium strength in shots and headers.

His normotypical physique does not prevent him from "throwing himself" on his opponents if necessary, but his physical strength is probably his "Achilles heel" and so he needs to further strengthen his body structure to be more successful in contrasts.


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