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The TSA courses are aimed at those who want to go beyond the conventional themes of the world of scouting. Have you ever wondered why scouting courses are all the same? Because nobody actually cares about teaching a method, offering real and direct experiences to students and putting them into practice in a direct and precise way.

Knowing how to analyze a player is something important but learning a method to be able to recognize the qualities of an athlete at 360 °, classify him and differentiate him from the others is something fundamental.

And this is impossible to find nowadays.

TSA offers the opportunity to create a complete scouting course that will allow you to:

-Creation of your own evaluation criteria to be able to recognize the real qualities of a player, to be able to understand where to go and place him on a scale of values ​​that will allow you to define each athlete observed over time.

- Development of your own mental archive based on the regressive knowledge of your territory and of the leagues / areas / regions where you have concentrated your range of action.

- Analysis of talent, skills and quality

- Study of the potential and margins for improvement of a young player

- Study of the fundamentals of the game

- Practical aspect to start working in this world

- How to analyze all the factors when recommending a player to our club

- How to create direct and lasting contacts with professionals in the sector

- How to do "positive" networking

- How to get an opportunity in the world of scouting.

Final exam

5 lessons of 2h (total 10 hours), 1h final exam.

Second level course:

- Analysis of unconventional alternative valuation methodologies

- Evaluation of the mistakes of a player in the scouting phase


- Study and analysis of a player off the pitch

- Study of advanced factors on observation

- Study and development of a database with our tool The Scouting App

Final exam

5 lessons of 2h (total 10 hours), 1h final exam.

Third level course:

- Study of the European and international scouting methodology

- Development of a scouting plan for a full season

- Analysis of a squad, study of the situation of each player, of all variants and how to detect all problems (real cases).

5 lessons of 2h (total 10 hours), 1h final exam.

You can join the full program and start to study our methodology in a complete way.

Each level is linked to the previous one. To participate directly in a course other than the first, the management reserves the right to evaluate the candidate's football career.


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