Exequiel Zeballos : Scouting Report
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Name: Oscar Exequiel Zeballos

Club: Boca Juniors (ARG)

Year: 2002

Role: Wing (left / right)

Date of birth: 04/24/2002

Nationality: Argentina

Height: 174 cm

Right foot


Technically Zeballos describes himself as follows: “I am a Winger who plays on both sides, I feel strong on the both sides, I like to make dribblings and score goals after accelerations with the ball".


In 2013, during an interstate tournament, Boca talent scout Diego Mazzilli noticed him and immediately decided to take him to Xeneize at the age of 11. Within 3 years Zeballos moved to Buenos Aires and settled down: in 2017 he played in the minor team of Boca that played in the Eighth Division, scoring 15 goals and earning the call of Argentina for the South American Under 15 team.


In the tournament with the Albiceleste, for Zeballos 5 goals and competition striker In 2018 the first contract as a 'pro', which made him the youngest to obtain it in the history of Boca (16 years).


Barcelona, ​​Manchester City and Real Madrid have put him in their sights, even if Boca has decided to avert the sirens of the market by blocking it until 2025.


Technical features


Zeballos is a winger, gifted with good speed combined with a remarkable basic technique. He has a great shot that allows him to play well on penalties and free-kicks (he has a particular style of hitting the ball in set pieces), as well as throwing powerful long-range shots.


In dribbling he can often be decisive, overcoming all the neighbors with feints and double steps, creating a precious superiority on the outside lanes.

He has a great sense of goal even though he is not a central striker and therefore has to start from a more secluded position, but all this is offset by a perfect timing of insertion starting from the outside.

He has a good ability to defend the ball, thanks to his low center of gravity, a quality that allows him to be dangerous even in confined spaces.

Tactically he can act on both flanks, but positioning himself from the left he has the possibility to go to the shot more comfortably with his strong right foot (even the left-handed is not bad).

The role of attacking winger of a 4-2-3-1 and that of a 4-3-3 winger are perfectly suited to his technical-athletic characteristics.

Physically he can strengthen himself and as normal for his young age, he also needs to be more continuous over the course of a match.

Temperamentally he may seem introverted, but in reality he is not like that and even on the pitch he shows this by never holding back when the heaviest technical-tactical responsibilities fall on him.

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